So upon coming to this wiki, I assume you are coming mostly just to see how my project entitled General's Journey is coming along.  But I also assume on a smaller scale that you are here to participate in the wiki and join it.  If you do, you need to only do two things...

One.  Gain permission from .snickedge before directly joining on his talk page so he can auto confirm you as a user.  All users with permission to edit this wiki will be kept around on his memory.

Two.  Read the rules before you do any actual editing.  It's important to follow a ruleset set by the creator, eh?

And with that out of the way, enjoy the rest of your time here!

Users that have read this message must give it a Kudos to grant that they have received this message.  If you have not given this thread a Kudos and if you have already began editing, you will receive a reminder to do so, and if you continue ignoring to do so, you will be warned.  It sounds stupid but I need to grant that people actually read the message.