Admiral Twix
Twix by Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 43
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Element(s) None
First Appearance General's Journey

Admiral Twix is a minor character during the events of General's Journey, serving as the boss of all three generals as well as the commander of a large army, bent on fighting the aliens that conquered their land. He is known for his stern actions but calm movements.


General's Journey

Twix appears as a minor character, while heavily influencing the events of Scotch's perspective he doesn't seem to do much otherwise than hang about at the base and order commands.




Admiral Twix has superb commanding abilities, capable of leading an entire army no questions asked. He has amazing discipline abilities and handles out punishments fairly, although he can sometimes go over the top. In actual battle, he uses a machine gun and various heavy duty weapons.


Admiral Twix is calm, yet strict, in behavior, often being silent as well. When necessary, he goes out and talks about how the world is going and how things should be managed, but most of the time he keeps himself in his base and continues working on various tools to further enhance his team's progress against Commander Alien.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Scotch

Admiral Twix finds Scotch a very good general and claims that he is the most responsible of the four that he has.  Scotch isn't very happy with the way Twix leads his army, but acknowledges him as an overall good person.

General Snickers

Snickers is not a fan of Twix, and the same can be said for vice versa.  Snickers' poor cooperation with Twix causes the two to be quite distant.  However, Twix notes Snickers' amazing commanding abilities and his great discipline, although the latter never takes note of this.


Twix is quite fond of Hershey and enjoys conversing with him on the subject of doughnuts.

Xzise Stquse

Twix dislikes this commander with all his heart and wishes to utterly destroy him and the race of aliens that he brought along, although credits him for bringing Hershey along as he managed to get a friend out of him.



  • Admiral Twix seems to be named after the Chocolate brand of the same name, Twix.
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