Alex by neon
Current Age 5 / 16
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Strength
First Appearance General's War
 Alex is the secondary protagonist of General's War, alongside Charmine. He is the only son of General Syande and Brook.


General's War

While being absent in the retelling of General's Journey, unlike Charmine, he has a huge role throughout this story, although it has yet to be told.


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Physical Description

To be filled by Neon.


To be filled by Neon.


Alex appears to be laid back and calm, rarely showing feelings of excitement or pleasure. Much like his mother, his mood is rather easy to switch, although it's usually much easier to swing him towards negative emotions than positive ones. Unlike either of his parents, he doesn't show his emotions much. Either if he's happy, sad or etc., he keeps his normal face; though he'll show his negative side if angered too much.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Syande

Alex and his mother get along pretty well, although Syande isn't really fond of the fact that he spends a lot more time with his father than he really des her.  She is very protective of Alex and will threaten anyone - including Charmine - who dares threaten him.


Brook and Alex get along pretty well, and have a sturdy relationship between one another.  Whilst there's some teasing between the two, they get along nicely.  Alex wishes to be as strong as his father when he becomes older, perhaps even stronger.


Alex and Charmine are like best friends.  They seldom talk to each other and often play games together.  It is very rare for them to be seen arguing.


Alex is quite neutral towards Revensko due to her over friendly, over excited personality and how she can become quickly annoying, but nevertheless the two are in a relationship of sorts.  



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