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General's March
Ancient Elevator

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Shiver Temple is an exclusive location to General's March, serving as the tenth level overall, immediately succeeding Magma Ruins and being followed by Dark Base.  This is the first truly difficult level in the game, having a four star rating and long level sequences.


General's March

The level is a slow falling elevator that slowly collapses over time.  Enemies and hordes will attempt attacking the player, making for a huge combat field.  The entire time in the level, besides for the stopping parts, the elevator autoscrolls.  The elevator eventually leads to the Dark Base.


  • The original name for this level was "Ersatz Elevator".
  • The Ancient Elevator, in a way, parodies the movie "The Shaft", as the elevator seems to have a mind of its own and sometimes goes a ways up, and a ways down, with the control panel being very slimy.
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