Black Scorpion is the followup to Gangplank Crew and to an extent Nature Warrior, although none of it is clearly known yet other than the fact that every protagonist and antagonist from the prequel return, protagonists including Maddison, Odell, the two guinea pigs, and Strike, and the antagonist being Skorp.  More will be said late 2017 or early 2018.

Just like with Gangplank Crew, it is written in the form of a roleplay by the same two people, although it is unknown if more people will be involved in writing it all out.


TBA; will be written later 2016.


  • Black Scorpion refers to Skorp, who appears in this story much more prominently than the first.
    • Despite the title being Black Scorpion, Skorp is actually more of a purple color than a black color.  His shadow in the fiction's cover is black, however.
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