Brook by neon
Concept of Brook by Neon.
Current Age 20
Date of Birth 11/14/1995
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) None
First Appearance General's Journey
 Brook is the last main character to join the original cast of General's Journey, and is a very strong human being, reliant on naught but strength.



General's Journey

Brook appears with a silent role in Chapter 3, but is rarely mentioned afterwards. He will eventually have his own chapter at some point.

Non Canon

General's March

Brook is a fast character in the game, attacking with melee weapons and attacking mainly from the ground.  His defense is quite terrible however.  He is held captive by Keil, so once you save him you can play as him.


See here for more information.

Physical Description

Brook appears to be feminine from the backside, but the front of him says otherwise. He has long hair going down his head, and has a small beard on his chin. His clothes appear to have a zigzag pattern on them as well.


Brook appears to be laid back and mostly relaxed, and can prove to be quite helpful to his teammates. However, he can be nervous or worried when clueless in a bad situation.


Brook has powerful strength, able to heave heavy objects with ease, and able to carry others with almost no problem. This pure strength allows power-related situations to be done easily.  He's so powerful and bulky that he is the only one capable of lifting Admiral Twix.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Syande

Brook seems to have a rather good chemistry with Syande, and they get along extremely well together, more than anyone else on the team.  



  • Brook is a unisex name, and the fact that Brook appears to be feminine when viewed from the backside is the reason why he got this particular name.
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