Charmine by neon
Current Age 17
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Magic / Darkness
First Appearance General's Journey
 Charmine is the main protagonist and starring character in General's War, first appearing in General's Journey as a minor character, listening to her father talk about his childhood life in the aforementioned "journey" story. She is the sole offspring of General Scotch and Oshelia.

Charmine plays both a role as an anti-hero and a villain, her role varying on her story appearance.


General's Journey

Charmine appears without a name originally, being a mysterious entity who is listening to both her father and mother as well as some of their friends talk about their previous adventures. Charmine appears to be quite friendly and doesn't speak anything necessarily negative although pokes fun at her uncle occasionally.

General's War

Charmine is the main protagonist of this story, and seems to also appear as an antagonist, occasionally turning on her parents' commands and not heeding their words. However, she becomes the next general of the army, replacing Scotch, and has much frustration controlling them, forcing Zonar to have to defend against the imaginative powers of this young lady. This allows former enemy Xzise Stquse to invade Zonar and take over the land, and it's up to Charmine alongside her cousin Alex to stop him.

General's Assault

Charmine takes on the role as one of the main antagonists, not much about her role is known besides her darkness-influenced motivations and emotions.


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Physical Description

Charmine has traits of both her parents. She has long, yellow hair with blue streaks at the end, and wears a general's cap in the image of her father, with only a blue bottom rather than green. Her sanguine eyes shine and glitter, but her face wears scorn and toughness, and a dark, mysterious expression.  Her dress is much like that of a mage's, being black and red in color.


Charmine is an expert in the field of ventriloquism, able to use puppets at will, but can expand those abilities to make her toys move around, reek havoc, and the like. She can also teleport around, and use dark abilities much like her father. She needs to absorb lots of water, much like her mother, whom shares DNA similar to that of marine creatures.

Thanks to Charmine's shared DNA with her father, she also happens to be quite intelligent, able to speak a fair number of languages. Her intelligence allows her to sense events with ease, but no matter the situation, she will never put her intelligence in front of her fears and true emotions, and as such can fall easily to distasteful events.


Charmine appears to be very strange and mentally broken, having a shattered mind and being controlled by naught but her obsession with her dolls, which she uses for the purposes of voodoo and ventriloquism. She appears to not obey commands most of the time, and acts on her own accord, which can be very dangerous for anyone who dares to step in her path.


Charmine used to be happy, exciting, and was always friendly towards strangers and friends alike. But at a certain age, the threat of war and her obsession with her dolls has changed her personality, to the point where she has locked her heart inside herself, only able to come back to this personality if emotionally upset.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Scotch

Charmine seems to get along well with her father despite his problems as an average aged adult.  While Charmine doesn't see her father much due to him being at work quite often, they almost never argue, and they always form plans to do something about the outsie world together when the chance is up.


Like with Scotch, they get along pretty well, although they are more prone to getting into fights with each other than the father.


There is actually a huge relationship between Charmine and Ghasja. Ghasja, trapped in the galaxy of Petrlob, once sent a letter down to Zonar, hoping one day that someone would actually read it. Eventually, after seventy years, Charmine managed to find the letter, and read it, notifying Ghasja via his mind. Ever since, the two have been pen pals of sorts, sending various letters to each other of their lives and how they can control them easily.


Charmine and Alex are quite good friends.  Whilst they don't talk to each other much, they play plenty of games together.  They are hardly seen bickering.



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