Current Age 7
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Stealth
First Appearance General's Journey
Chip is a major character of General's Journey and serves as the eighth and final major member to be part of the general's crew.


General's Journey

Chip appears as a major character, seen in the second half of fiction, joining almost immediately after Commander Alien's defeat in Chapter 90.


[PLACEHOLDER DESCRIPTION] Chip is a small kid with a hunchback appearance. He wears a brown felt fedora. He usually walks on all fours.


Chip has lots of stealth, and moves with amazing agility and precision. He can speak English, but due to his not fully matured mind it's often in fragments, and as such on occasions he often replaces words with "meow". He can directly communicate with any animals in the feliformia suborder.


Chip isn't really fond of anyone barring a few exceptions. He is actually quite malevolent, although his levels don't precisely compare to that of Snickers'. However, he is typically more cunning and holds himself as superior to the rest of the team, although this is most of the time false.

Relationships with other characters

General Scotch

Chip gets along decently with Scotch, although is not fond of his strictness. He always tries to embarrass him when possible, especially in front of Oshelia. If he manages to accomplish his goals, he snickers at the general.

General Snickers

General Snickers is one of the very few that Chip is fond of, and respects his dignity and refusal to obey Scotch.  Chip really enjoys annoying him as well.


  • He's the shortest person in General's Journey overall, even beating Scotch.
    • However, if he got a growth spurt, he would be taller than Scotch anyway, therefore leaving Scotch as shortest.
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