Clair by neon
Clair by Neon
Current Age 17
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Psychic
First Appearance Split Personality
 Clair is a recurring character in Split Personality, and alongside Pierce Hazel and FDX83 she is one of the main protagonists of it. She is noted for her psychic powers, a unique ability shared seldom by anyone else in the galaxy of Hisplit.



Split Personality

Clair appears in Split Personality as a major character, helping the team fight for Hisplit's take...and Pierce's mind stabilization.


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Physical Description

Clair is a fairly tall teenage girl who sports headphones and a light and dark blue light jacket; under her jacket, she wears white overalls that is covered in glitter. Her black hair is fairly long and tied up into a ponytail, and wears rather expensive black shoes.


Clair has psychic powers, and can move objects around at will, and have minor control over others' minds, as well as be able to read the minds of others. She has a bit of trouble focusing when distracted, however. Judging by her name, she also has the ability to see what others can't; she will make them viewable when she has the chance.


Clair appears to be quite serious, but also happens to be sneaky and playful at times. She is not one to hesitate, no matter the situation.

Relationship with Other Characters


She understands Pierce thanks to her telepathy. Pierce seem to be a bit friendlier to Clair and she can get a bit awkward from that. As a pair, psychic with mental powers is a really good combination.




Clair tends to stay away from Werine since she tries to joke around her. Werine can only be successful to scare Clair if she transform into an actual wolf.



  • She wears headphones due to the fact that her hearing is bad. While her headphones usually work, sometimes they'll act up and prevent her from hearing anything.
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