I would drag you to hell already, but you're enough of a drag as is. Dragging a drag is more difficult than it seems.
Deathine's art by Neon
Current Age 17
Date of Birth Dec 7th, 1997
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Hellscythe
First Appearance General's War

Deathine is a character set to appear in General's War, appearing as a grim reaper styled female. She is an inexperienced death goddess with a desire to be as sarcastic and rude as possible.


General's War


Deathine was a normal lady for most of her life, until at the age of 14 when she killed her teacher after she was told she received a bad marking on a major test. Deathine was dragged to hell, but became so rude and overwhelmingly difficult to kill that they turned her into a small death goddess. She went out without thanking anyone or anything, she just...set out.

She joined General Scotch and the others on their travels to "improve on society skills", but turned out to be a huge burden for them. Whether or not they liked it, she was traveling with them.

Physical Description

Deathine is a tall, purple cloaked female with a dry, bloody right hand and a left hand that always holds a scythe. Beyond her cloak's hood is her white face with golden curls, which secretly go down her back. She has dark red pupils.


Deathine is cruel, sarcastic, and downright mischievous. She will harm any soul if necessary besides for those she falls in love with, which is actually fairly common, and will always use insults and ways to get out of work. Her responsibility as a death goddess is done wrong and she will always handle everything messily, and kill people without much reason to it.

Sometimes, she can get rather flirty with the other characters in the series, and attempt spending time with them, to the point where she may lock them in place just to gossip to them.  This is sort of rare however as she despises at least three of the five other main characters, especially General Scotch.


Underneath Deathine's robes are powerful legs, but she also has a scythe who can tear holes to hell, and can use this scythe to behead people as well. She has multiple weapons at disposal, such as chains, maces, and even a few stolen bombs from Scotch.

Relationships with Other Characters


Deathine apparently gets along extremely well with Keil because she thinks that she's beautiful.  Their relationship is just like that of friends, although Deathine (silently) attempts bringing it to a higher level than friendship to the point of love, although is just as silently rejected.



  • Deathine was much inspired by grim reaper type characters.
  • Deathine's name is a mash up of "Death" and "Devine".
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