J-j-just s-stay away f-from me and my c-c-child...

Devina by Neon.
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 04/16/1997
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) None
First Appearance General's Journey
 Devina Heartgold is the last main character to join the original cast of Split Personality, and is a caretaker of a small child, although this child has no name yet.


Split Personality

At the moment, Devina's role is unknown, although it is implied that she will venture most often with Clair and will stay behind back at Pierce's home if Clair is not coming along with them.


See here for more information.

Physical Description



Devina hardly has any abilities, much like Keil, although she is extremely intelligent and can figure out where to go from most places and is aware of most forms of danger, whether they affect her deeply or not.


Devina tends to act very scared and pressured, almost always afraid of stepping from the spot she's in unless she is absolutely sure it is for her benefit and for her baby's.  If she is cheered up, she acts very young and claps her hands in delight, only to go back to being the same way as before.

Relationship with Other Characters


She gets along pretty well with Pierce, but is afraid of his powerful abilities and his great psychic powers.  She has a very small crash on him, but she keeps it a secret.


Devina and Clair get along very well, and Devina is in deep, perhaps tranced love with Clair, attracted by her looks and headphones, and her personality.  While she finds Devina a bit annoying, she seems to not mind her most of the time.

The Fandraxorcist




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