Dustai by neon
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Earth
Height 5'08"
Weight 125 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Dustai, Guardian of the Sand, is one of the major characters of Nature Warrior, living throughout the course of a story as a practically blind thief, full of cultural references and wisdom.


Nature Warrior

Dustai is a major character, often pairing up with Crymsia in fights, or supporting his other allies, such as Penny.  He is best known for his thief status, often hiding in the shadows and stealing from others.




Dustai is best known for utilizing the powers of sand, and will use those abilities to his advantage with the Sand Stick.  By striking the stick into the ground, Dustai creates a tornado of sand, blowing opponents away and flinging sand and dust everywhere.  He can use the stick as a melee weapon and strike opponents with it.  Dustai is very agile and actually quite flexable, and he can attack using his arms and legs.

Dustai is also well known for his terrible eyesight but also for his amazing hearing and smelling.  He can detect others by sound and scent, and track them down easily, although problems can be posed if a wall is in the way.  And although rare, Dustai can also bite his foes.

Most of his skills enable him to achieve his status as a thief.  He is often seen on the move, sometimes seen robbing the stores of Naxaz to prevent himself from living entirely in poverty.  He never means any harm, however, and will return the items if he cannot find any true use for them.


Dustai is quite absent minded and forgetful, which can easily annoy others.  He is usually difficult to befriend due to his locked in personality.  However, Dustai treats all friends with a high level of respect, and will always guard them whenever he finds it necessary.  He is cunning and wise and can play tricks on foes like that of Nightshade.

Relationships with other characters


Dustai and Crymsia are quite good friends, and support each other throughout their travels.  They are an excellent battling duo and can fight almost everyone when they combine their skills with one another.


Dustai has a huge crush on Penny, in fact it's probably one of his biggest concentrations.  He does whatever possible to make her happy, and tries not to anger her whatsoever.  However, on occasion he tries to surpass her intelligence in certain situations.


Dustai considers Nightshade an absolute pain to be around, and usually attempts harming this villain whenever possible.  He usually tricks the villain into his own traps, although sometimes Nightshade manages escape.



  • The original design for Dustai was supposedly based on Gau from Final Fantasy 6.
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