Official art by Neon
Current Age 2
Date of Birth June 3rd
Gender Male
Species Guinea pig
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Gangplank Crew
 Elvis is a guinea pig, and is one of two seen in Gangplank Crew, the other being Pecan. He is a black guinea pig specializing in speed and agility, although otherwise he just seems to be the average guinea pig. He belongs to Maddison, and is well groomed.


Gangplank Crew

Elvis is a very minor character in Gangplank Crew, being showcased as Maddison's pet. He often helps her in battle by using his speed and agility to outpace foes' speed. He can also spin around and around his foes to hopefully tilt them over. Unlike Pecan, he appears to be quite aggressive and bites often on people he doesn't like.


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Elvis is known mostly for his great speed and good agility. He can bite many times in a row and spin around in a ball when propelled at high enough speed.


Elvis is quite calm in most situations, being more of a coward and running away, although when cornered he fights with great vigor. He is very conservative with food and doesn't share it.

Relationship with Other Characters


Elvis is quite friendly towards Pecan. He hates how dumb he tends to be though and through foot gestures he likes to say that he's much smarter than his brother.


Elvis enjoys Maddison's presence and likes being around her, but will usually be frightened of her spelunky attitude and will hide whenever he finds it necessary.



  • Elvis and Pecan originally were going to be in a game acknowledged as Cage Warriors, but the game was cancelled, and like with the case of General's Journey and Ordinary Mailman, it was turned into a fiction, merging with Gangplank Crew.
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