Someday, this world will improve, but Pierce, you need to give humanity a chance. They can screw up, but they try their best...right?
FDX83, Split Personality
FDX by Neon
Art by Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 17
Date of Birth March 27, 1997
Gender Female
Species Previously human; now robot
Location Unknown
Nationality American
Height American terms:
  • 6'02" (before reincarnation as robot)
  • 7'05" (as robot)
Weight American terms:
  • 129 lbs (before reincarnation as robot)
  • 281 lbs (as robot)
First Appearance Split Personality

FDX83, previously "Samantha" and now just known as FDX, is the deuteragonist of Split Personality.  She is a calm and passionate human that supports Pierce Hazel throughout the fiction, protecting him at the most crucial moments. Over time, the two have grown a strong bond.



Split Personality

The deuteragonist of the fiction and Pierce's best friend in it. She tends to assist and tease Pierce a lot.

Non Canon

Lavender Scuffle

FDX83 appears as one of this game's various characters.


As a robot, she is at a towering 7'05" and has a light color tone. She can crush objects with her powerful hands and can fire ammunition as a self defense, in the form of missiles. Her eyes are a dark red and she has black and white hair that travels down her backside.

Before her reincarnation, she was around Pierce's height and was rather frail, able to be taken down easily in fights and was defenseless. Her hair was a dark grey and went down her backside, and her eyes are dark green and reflect visions.


FDX83's body can stretch out its arms and legs long distances.  Its arms and legs can transform into weapons, the most notable being flamethrowers, which are used the best due to FDX83's fuel source being fire itself.  The eyes of FDX83 have multiple uses, being able to be used as flashlights, laser firing weapons, and scanners.


While she used to feel free and relaxed for most of the time, she is now much more protective of people and will go out of her way to do it. While calm and passionate just like her old self, she will show no relent taking down her foes and can go to crazy levels if not calmed quickly. She is protective of Pierce and will defend him in nearly any situation.

Relationships with other characters


  • FDX's name is a very shortened version of "Fandraxono", referring to the fact that he was her creator.
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