I AM BROKEN, BUT I WILL CONTINUE RAISING THE HYPERSPACE OF ZAXINA, AND I WILL KEEP IT ALIVE FOR IT IS MY BODY. IF I NEGLECT IT, I NEGLECT MYSELF. LEAVE ME TO MY OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, AND LEAVE THE TEMPLE I'M IN, OR YOU SHALL BE ASKING FOR THE WRATH OF A GOD. DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE WHIPPED OR BRUTALLY BEATEN? ...For I do. For a God...I have been abused, tricked...I was separated from my lurks in every places...and in the body of a the body of a novian...Zolara is in danger...just don't come closer to me...I am unstable...
Fandraxono, ???
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Darkness
Height 6'04" (Human form)

730'11" (Demon form)

Weight 130 lbs (Human form)

913 lbs (Demon form)

First Appearance Split Personality

Fandraxono, sometimes referred to as the Angel of Darkness, is the demon of Zaxina, which is a dimension where all of the creator's series take place. A shadow of the creator, it lurks within the various games and locations and spawns bad luck to appear everywhere he goes. While lurking as its human form, it fights and appears as its Demon form most of the time.

Despite his unintentional villainous traits, he must be kept alive to keep Zaxina stable.  To prevent him from destroying everything, the evil sector of his mind must be locked away - and as such, General Scotch is responsible by keeping the soul of Fandraxono in his own heart.


Split Personality

A shadow of Pierce that follows and stalks him throughout the fan fiction, attempting to murder him in the midst of leading his army of robots.  The deity also exists in this fiction, although not with the same intents, instead being accompanying Pierce with his travels.


Fandraxono is a tall human being, having light skin, grey or black hair, and a gaping hole on the back of his head.  His body is mangled and torn, and his heart shows through a tear on his chest.  His body is separated at the torso, having his stomach replaced by a black mass with two, long toxic hands of red and black color extending from it.  His feet are abnormal in size and his shorts are green and red.  His wings are purple of many shades and extend from the center of his back.  His fingers and toes have small bells at the end of them which cause paralysis if touched by anyone but himself.

His Split Personality self is far different.  First off, he is much more like that of a human, and slightly resembles Pierce in shape.  Difference is, he has flat, black hair, has a mustache growing, and he happens to wear a cloak that has colors identical to the deity's wings.


The deity itself is the creator of Zaxina, and the unstable, uncontrollable beast who relies on the power of other deities to keep him in place.  This half is somewhat kind and gentle, and his actions are forced and do not seem to stop, although he means no harm and regrets every inch of his actions.

The Split Personality form existed in the Hazel family for generations, and was well kept, but Pierce's weak skull couldn't contain its personalities, and Fandraxono was able to be out and about.  This one is still broken and unstable, but maintains destruction and does not have a soft side, unlike the deity.  This form of Fandraxono was separated from the deity due to a maintenance problem.

The only other entity of this being has also been separated from maintenance issues, and has absorbed itself into a destructive body acknowledged as The Fandraxorcist, appropriately named. It seems to not feature any positive emotions, instead it spends its time stalking the galaxy of Hisplit and causing many forms of trouble, in the scariest and most frightening ways it can find.



  • Fandraxono's name actually comes from an old persona of .snickedge under the same name.
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