Forces of Nature
Full Name Flarinus / Aquine / Terrik / Windini / Naturine
Current Age Indefinite
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male / Female / Male / Female / Female
Species Human
Current Status Each one is alive
Element(s) Fire / Water / Earth / Wind / Nature
First Appearance General's Journey
 The Forces of Nature are a set of deities found throughout Zaxina, being the controllers of the land and space around. They manage the land and prevent it from falling apart. They reside in Zonar specifically.


General's Journey

The Forces of Nature are seldom seen beings who roam the atmosphere of Zonar, taking care of the weather and controlling the humidity. They don't always get along, however, and as such there is a point where the five fight in the story.


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There really isn't much that can be said about these deities as they appear mostly as multi colored spirits. Flarinus is red, Aquine is blue, Terrik is yellow, Windini is green, and Naturine is purple. While they do have human formations, seeing them is quite rare and no one knows what they look like.


The Forces of Nature are immortals and have the strongest extent of the powers they hold.  They all focus in a certain field of statistic as well.  Flarinus is powerful in magic, Terrik is powerful in physical strength, Aquine can tank attacks, Windini can hold up well as a magic defense, and Naturine is extremely quick in motion.


The Forces of Nature really have no defined personality, they seem to be neutral in every type of feeling, unless a specific event happens to them that would provoke actual emotions.  Even then, the elements of these deities seem to display some sort of emotion.

Relationship with Other Characters


  • The Forces of Nature are in a way a semi reboot of the Zolaran Deities, and yes this is again another Zolaran Archives reboot.  Interestingly they weren't Snicks' characters in the first place.
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