I will deliver mail to everyone on the planet, dead or alive, and it won't matter if I'm dead or alive myself.  I will not lay myself to rest until everyone has received mail, or until the service permanently dies.  I am always watching you.

Current Age 51
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Rifle, Mail Truck
Ability/ies Delivering mail, driving
First Appearance Ordinary Mailman
Naxaz Postal Service
Frink Eau is the main protagonist of the Ordinary Mailman fiction, and its upcoming sequel.  He first appeared in the fic "Ordinary Mailman", and afterwards he appeared in General's Journey as a guest character.



Ordinary Mailman

Frink appears in Ordinary Mailman as the main protagonist, often delivering mail whilst driving through quite supernatural obstacles.  Nothing is too ordinary for this man, eh?

Non Canon

Lavender Scuffle

Frink appears as one of this game's various characters.


Frink appears as a monochrome human, with a neat mailman attire.  He has pretty wacky hair and is simple in appearance.  He usually wears formal suits and rarely travels with visible stains on his clothing, as he likes to be very clean.


Frink has several abilities.  Frink carries a set of ordinary tools, such as sharp nails, a handbag, and letters, but these can all be used as weapons due to their sharpness in the case of nails and letters and heaviness in the case of the handbag.  Frink is well capable of driving vehicles and can manage anything given to him to control.  Frink can turn into several different colors to represent his mood...if he's red, he's angry.


Frink is a very nice guy, and uses very little violence, except when he's going through a storm.  Many people try to attack him during that time for crazily delivering mail, and he reacts with a rifle that his mail truck uses.  He thinks that mail makes the world go around, so he sends mail even in thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Relationships with other characters


They tend to get along well, although Oshelia can get nervous from Frink's hyperactive activities, which prompts him to crash into walls or tip over the truck for fun.



  • His mail truck's features are somewhat insane, using boosters and rifles.
  • Frink has actually been revealed to be the grandfather of Oshelia, revealing his relevance to the General's Journey timeline.
  • Frink is a member of Admiral Twix's army, despite no direct communication between the two for the eternity of General's Journey, indicating that he became part of the army before the events of the story.
  • Frink can change colors multiple times depending on his current mood.
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