Gangplank Crew is one of the first events in the General's Journey timeline, and takes place before the original events of General's Journey. It stars Maddison and Odell in pirate related adventures alongside Strike and a captain acknowledged as "Captain Salty".  More will be revealed in early 2016.

Unlike other fictions in the timeline, it is written in the form of a roleplay, for the sake of its creators, snicks and Neon.  It is unknown when the official roleplaying will truly begin.  Stay patient.

As of November 16th of 2015, the outline for the story has been finished.



  • The word "Gangplank" originated from "Gangplank Galleon", the name of the final level of Donkey Kong Country.  The ship seen in Gangplank Crew reflects that of King K Rool's as well.
  • Gangplank Crew is the first story of the Maddison-Odell era, being followed by Black Scorpion and Hell.
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