General's Assault is the successor to General's War, taking place in the next generation, focusing on unknown characters whom fight a new war, one brought by the galaxy of Hisplit. While most information is known, it will be done in 2017 if not early 2018 instead.  Main characters are General Scotch, Charmine, Ghasja, and General Snickers, who have been brought together to bring forth the assault against an unlikely foe.


The war is not over, and we must be able to carry it to the best of our abilities.  I am General Scotch Caramel.  I have led the masses of heroism in the attack against aliens, zombies, and now ghosts.  Much wrong has happened, my daughter, Charmine, has had her baby gone missing, and many of my family and friends have taken a turn for the worse in the world.  Hopefully we can store it all together quickly, because if we don't, we'll collide into the galaxy Hisplit and we might die.  But I'm sure everything will be all right in the end, and we can paint our way to the top if we try.

~ General Scotch


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