General's Journey is a first person view fiction story written by .snickedge and a few of his friends, primarily starring General Scotch and allies, focusing on the past when they were children, the story explaining their origins and their main accomplishments.

General's Journey took place after the events of Ordinary Mailman, and led to the events of General's War.


"I was not the ordinary general.  I was a sixteen year old that had the typical heart of steel, but had a strategy of wisdom and strength.  My name is Butterscotch Cornbread Caramel, and while that name is outright ridiculous, it is a pure way to remember who I am.  For the sake of simplicy, they called me General Scotch.  The story you are about to hear is a story of cruelty and despair and relatively few happy moments, but you will understand what life in the galaxy of Zonar is like once you finish hearing me and a few of my friends babble on about it.  Prepare yourself."

Chapter One (Scotch's prospective)

"I was born on the eleventh of November in the year of 1998 in the town known well as Peaceful City.  They say that after I was born, I was expected to be the future general of a famous army, but what has really happened is far from that.  Almost a week after my birth, my mother died, leaving me with none other than my father and my other two siblings, Snickers and Syande.  My father's name was Rejah Caramel and raised me for the next five years...but of course, with an unexpected death from my brother's evil powers, something I will get to later."

"I spent the first year simply being a baby.  I whined and complained, needed general changes, and was always annoying.  But this complaining all ended and was sucked up dry when a knocking was heard on our front door when my diaper was being changed.  A strange green monster, standing at six feet, politely gestured at Snickers.  All of us were confused, but Snicks did as told and walked over to it, but then we all went in alarm when it grabbed him and ran away with it, taking him into the depths of space.  We waited a while for his return...but we haven't seen him for the next three days, so we just gave up."

"However, when my dad was teaching me how to walk early on, having blabbed something about living on my own, the door received another knock, and Snickers was back in.  The alien hesitated before leaving...almost as if attached to my own brother.  Perhaps it was a mother whom never had her child...but regardless, my father was overjoyed to have my brother back.  He grinned and then pressed his baby hand towards me, then gave me a small shock with it.  I never knew what that was all about, but he started laughing, and eventually started levitating in the air.  I later learned that he was taught magic by the alien for a reason I won't ever get to understand..."

"Time passed, and my father was looking more and more worried for some reason, mainly because my siblings and I were acting strange.  He decided to send us to the local school area, Angel Minors, so we could get an education, but this was cut short, although like with my father's death, I'll get to this later on.  Syande was placed in a different district of the school but Snicks and I were placed in the same area.  We started talking to each other quite a bit...we became good friends.  We stuck up for each other and always overcame issues, and made our father happy with the new things we've learned, abnormal or not."

"Snickers and I heavily bonded together as you got to know.  He and I talked a lot, made a bunch of jokes, and spent our times overlooking the flower infested fields behind the school grounds, always going off school time for it.  His favorite thing to do was to roll around in the sunflowers and befriend the birds.  He was always a nature man at the time...I remember him saying that when he grew up, he would help the world's flowers grow.  He never did so..."

"But there is no happiness without sadness.  My brother and I were cornered by a bunch of bullies who went full on teasing both of us...I was scared and didn't know what to do, but my brother was starting to boil.  He then went into a full rage upon more insults, and palmed his tiny fists against our foes, but did something unbelievable!  Snickers' willpower to overcome was so incredible that he ended up killing the bullies due to the force that he used against them.  While they needed to be put in trouble, they didn't deserve death...yet my young, four year old brother never understood that at the time."

"What about Syande, you may ask?  She...went missing.  She just went missing.  We don't know where she went, had no trace or direction of where she went, and we found it impossible to find her, so we just assumed her dead, although we were wrong as I eventually found out in the future...but I thought she was still alive, so I just crossed my fingers."

"My father was found dead one day slumped over the front carpet of my own home, Snickers leaning over him.  I was...angry.  My sibling and I got into a fight...we separated, perhaps for the better, and while he took over the house my dead father resided in, I snuck shelter in someone else's home.  I walked through a small doorway, then hid in a box and lived a while off of scraps...but I think I'm going to take a small break for now..."

  • ?: But dad, you promised you would tell me...the whole story!

"I never said I was done telling you the whole story.  I was just going to pass the role of storytelling to Snickers, all right my boy?"

  • ?: Oh, okay.

Snickers: ...Hmph.  Where do I begin?...

~ Fin

Chapter Two (Snickers' prospective)

"Aye so my brother told you I should be talking about the next chapter of this story.  Well, I will now.  After Scotch spent a while living off of scraps, I spent my time hiding my father's dead body in a box, and spent most of my time to myself and how my magic worked.  I was obsessed with the brilliant abilities my mind processed, I could bend two forks with one mind...kind of like killing two birds with one stone but better and more original.  However, my place was eventually taken away from me due to their finding of my father no longer being there, and I was forced to find a new place to live."

"Unlike my brother, I stayed in school, but I had to actually hide my way into the school and live off the scraps they left on the cafeteria floor, as I couldn't get into the kitchen itself due to their locks that I was unable to pull off...even with my magic.  Just in case you were wondering, they left scraps of pizza, candy, and basically unnutritional foods, which weren't good for my health but at least allowed me to survive a long while...oh, military food was better than this, just in case you didn't notice already."

"One day though in school, in the midst of what I believe to be math, we were all told to go under our desks, and I followed their commands.  I saw this pretty girl whom had yellow hair...oh, it's obviously your mom Oshelia, but back then no one else could really tell that she was going to be YOUR mom.  Pretty Spanish accent t-"

  • ?: Uncle, she has a French accent, not a Spanish accent.

"Shut up, I know what I'm doing.  Anyway, the main point of this prospective is to concentrate on this "going under the desk" thing was just an earthquake drill, but an actual earthquake struck right through the school, making it collapse on itself...everyone survived thankfully.  It wasn't a very powerful earthquake, but it split the school into pieces, pretty much ending the educational part of my life."

"By this point, I was eleven years old, and it's been five years since my father has been killed.  Your father hasn't been seen in a while, but he went into a mililtary thing, but I'll let him talk about that instead of me.  I spent a while deciding on what I wanted to do next...but I decided something that I still regret.  I crossed over to the dark side, the side of injustice, the side that my mother would have never wanted me to join.  I attempted waiting for the same alien that abducted me in the past, but she never came.  Instead...a plane, a broken down one, crashed near the old house my father lived in.  Interested, I investigated, an-"

  • ?: Was that when you found out about that awfully dumb Commander Alien thing?

"Don't interrupt, my wonderous nephew.  A large figure stepped out from the plane, and you guessed it, it was this Commander Alien dude.  He had a bunch of tentacles, he had a sadistic drama mask, and he had a heart that was so cold that it would make Antartica look warm.  He was antagonizing from the front, intimidating from the back, and his scepter was one of a kind...raw with power, red with vengeance.  He came over to our galaxy of Zonar for a reason: To conquer what was...theirs?  If he were still alive I would remember correctly.  Regardless, he laid a seige upon Peaceful City, and bombed it.  I may not have liked my brother much in this phase due to that battle, but I searched for him...but couldn't find him."

"What happened afterward is that I went to Commander Alien and asked if I would join, displaying my magic to prove a point.  After some hesitation, he allowed me to join his army.  Again, I regret this so much...I feel like a death should have been necessary for me.  I helped command a small force of his troops, and got them to destroy everything I hated...the school, the house I once lived in, and various other areas around the city that looked dumb.  Then I did something that...was for so long my source of pure hatred for myself.  I lit a match and set it to a building, but then I put it out with a special kind of water from these aliens' planet.  They called it "Indefinite" and told me to toss it onto the fire I just made."

"I never understood what they meant at the time, but the "Indefinite" water put out the fire, then set the whole building onto a blue fire that blazed forever...the building was of course taking damage but so slowly that it could literally be years before the buildings could be put out.  Peaceful City was not in a water location, and the water we had was hardly cold enough to put out the fire, so we were left with the city burning.  They took me with them, and told me to take over the army that Scotch was being raised in."

  • ?: So like, this is where you started putting your hatred into Daddy?

"Yeah.  Let Scotch go up with the next part."

  • Scotch: ...Might as well.

~ Fin

Chapter Three (Scotch's perspective)

So Daddy, what were you doing after you got kicked out for that scrap stealing part of your life?

"Well, I was left with no other options than to think I was ready enough to replace my dad in the army.  They accepted me after realizing my identity as the son of Rejah Caramel and instantly put me up as a general, and gave me a weapon.  It wasn't just any weapon, was no gun, it was no bomb.  It was a dog, a German shephard at that, something they spared from the Planet Earth that Zaxina once came into contact with.  The breed had several of its kind here, but they gave me the lead dog so it could protect was a very hardy dog, having defenses against rabies, plenty of diseases, and resisted weak gunfire.  I was then sent on my first mission: To investigate for any traces of my siblings."

"Long story short, neither sibling was found, but we detected a radio signal coming from a plane, the signal basically was an alert one.  We had no idea what happened, the plane was in good shape five seconds before giving off that signal, so we went to investigate up close.  But as soon as the plane's door happened, the pilot did not step out, rather an ugly alien that stood over Keil's size.  It forced an attack on Peaceful City, and I didn't get to see my brother at any rate...or Syande for that matter.  I ended up going face to face against the leading Alien, but didn't win, so I was forced to retreat.  Commander tried firing at me to kill me off quickly, but the dog leaped up and sent its scepter flying.  For that, I named it "Savior"."

"Savior will always be the greatest dog I ever had...a great German shephard, a great leading dog, and a great defense, as well as a great friend.  Before I met your mom, Savior was my best friend, keeping me out of great trouble and always being playful around me.  I loved him enough to take him to my next position, but we are talking about my general days for now, so let's stick with that, all right?"

"So after the city was set on fire, we retreated back to the military base, and I stayed there, preforming small tasks alongside Savior for a few years, eventually reaching the profitable age of fifteen whereas I could start doing missions of my own.  I never got...much out of that small period of time before I was fifteen, but I was given a task as soon as my birthday came, and that was to investigate the ever burning city's cause for being destroyed.  I cringed and I hesitated, but I went out, not wanting to fail my father.  We never found anything that could have told us why the city was destroyed besides for a small's the one Snicks was speaking to you of earlier.  I still have it in this briefcase..."

Really?  Can I see?

"Not now.  I'll get to showing you later on...anyway, I was going to go back to the base when I saw an unusual sight...I found a human being crawling out from the remains of a torn down bowling alley.  She was tall, definitely an adult, and was physically damaged.  She hardly survived the fire, it seems...but it didn't feel right.  It was could she survive years without an ounce of food?  But I didn't get to understand that, as she drew in close to me, then bit my neck.  But...I didn't feel anything, as the dog smashed her away.  She seemed confused, then attempted going at me again, but I decided to get out of there.  Little did I know was Syande who I encountered."

?: Did you go back to see Aunt Syande at any given point?

"Oh yeah I did, I came back the next day to see if she was still around, and she was.  But rather than attacking me again, she led me into a small building and introduced herself, and almost had a heart attack when I mentioned my name at the small kitchen table.  She was flabbergasted, absolutely surprised that she attacked her own brother the day before.  She apologized, begged for forgiveness, and I forgave her obviously, but then asked why she bit me as if she were a vampire of sorts.  But I'll let her explain that whenever she gets here."

Ding dong.

"Ah, seems like she's here."

The door opens.

  • ?: Hello?
  • Syande: HELLO PESKY CHILD.  HA HA HA.  Anyvay uhh...vhy did ye invite me here Scotch?

"Well, to tell this kid what happened after you bit me when I was younger."

  • Syande: I guess it's time for me to tell you a part of my past.  Here I go.

~ Fin

Chapter Four (Syande's perspective)

"So, it is my turn to tell ye of thy past...vell, first off, let me tell ye how I got see, I left thy house vhen Scotch's father vas still alive, and I took off down thy streets, not knowing vat I vas doing...I encountered a vampire much like myself, and it bit me straight on thy neck, and I suffered.  But it took me further...and raised me in its own den, and helped me become a true vampire of sorts.  There really isn't much more to it, for as ye should know I flew off at the age of eighteen...I never remembered my "step parent"."

"I seeked shelter in a bowling alley, vere I lived off rats and thy occasional human being, but didn't live there for more than three years...ven the city vent on fire and fell apart, letting thy bowling alley crash down.  Fortunately, I vas not hurt...simply amused at thy building's veak defense systems.  I lived there for a bit longer, living off just rats by this point in time, ven I came across Scotch again later on.  I lunged at him, knowing he vas human, but not knowing he vas my brother.  His dog protected him, and prevented him from getting bitten again.  I don't know vhy he vasn't hurt by my bite...almost as if he vere immune to it."

"I took Scotch into my home thy next day ven he searched for me, and I learned that I attacked someone I shouldn't have, and I felt ashamed for my actions...but I knew his education vas veak.  He didn't know many vords...neither did I until I came across these different humans vith different languages vho all told me how to speak 'em.  I killed them all of course, but I taught Scotch vat I knew, so he became partly German, some Spanish, a bit of French, and the like.  It felt cheap for him to gain knowledge that way, but he vas inexperienced vith talking, but at least he knows "yes" and "no" for almost every language.  After he left, I started thinking about vat I vanted to do..."

"I decided to go out and explore another place, and that place happened to be known as "Hisplit".  It vas a very messed up galaxy...suicides, murders, and various other events I shall not speak of happened there.  It vas a difficult area to live in...but I did so for a vile.  In the meantime, I met this boy vho vas known as Pierce Hazel...he vas a mysterious lad!  He vas capable of expressing his emotions in various vays, he vas a master of thoughts, and lived in this vasteland for, so far at that point, fourteen years...I vas shocked.  How did he get to live for so long?  But he let me live in his place for a bit, and I got to feed on unfortunate victims vho vere going to die any moment...oh, the glorious days."

"Time there didn't last long, as I eventually...erm...vell, vhy don't ve just hand the mic to Snickers now?"

  • Snickers: A pleasure.
  • ?: ...Uhh what are you so nervous about, Aunt Syande?

"Vell...uhh...ehhh...I'll tell ye later."

  • ?: Huh.

~ Fin

Chapter Five (Snickers' perspective)

"We'll need to explain the last of my bit before we give Scotch the main lead with the story. But I'll take over this, after my encounter with Commander Alien, Scotch signed up to be in Twix's league, and I signed up too, Scotch still having no idea I was even around. But when he found out, he was shocked to see me...somewhat angry, but somewhat pleased that I wasn't dead. I didn't tell him anything about what I've done to his home, instead I mocked his survival skills and attempted stealing his missions. Didn't last long as I was eventually sent out to investigate some ruins relating to...well, Zonar's Core."

"Zonar's Core is where they caged up Fandraxono, the God of Zaxina, the hyperspace Zonar itself belongs to.  It's a dangerous place and can be taken as a literal alternative for burn up in an icy cold place, and the air around is distorted and you can't breathe in's also a prison for those who disobey harmony to their fullest, but his unstability never brought anyone there.  But enough about Fandraxono and that Hell-ish place."

"The ruins that I went to investigate revolved around some form of dark energy that reacts when evil is present in the at that point, the energy is rolling wild.  I went to investigate it...but Scotch was attempting to steal my mission now as revenge for stealing some of his, and he came to the top of the ruins and looked at the dark energy going around.  Despite warnings to get him away, the ruins activated some strange lights, then they suddenly zapped Scotch, making him for unconscious...but I decided not to get close as the darkness spread around the place, then absorbed itself into my brother's body.  I was confused...but I took him back to the base as I had nothing else to do.  They said that he took in the darkness by accident..."

"I got no award for my mission, instead, Scotch did for taking the dark energy away.  He was baffled like me, but I was more than baffled.  I was angry at him and swore revenge on him...the energy built inside me was made out of pure hatred, pure vengeance, I wanted to destroy my own brother, but there was no way they would let me get close to him, they said my anger needs to get checked and so they punished me by making me go outside the base to sleep.  I snuck away and met up with Commander Alien again, whom asked what I was up to.  I lied and told him I was going to go and see him to see what I could do for him next, and he gave me the Indefinite water again and told me to blow that place up.  With an evil grin, I went to do as he told me, and he vanished like the wind."

"Despite me going to burn the place up, I was distracted when I walked in.  A tall woman, well not really a woman at the time but one with white hair that was more beautiful than vanilla ice cream and with a skin tone more perfect than chocolate, I...I felt in love with her.  I couldn't even see her face, but even when I did she was just very eye catching.  Of course, she was there for a reason, but she didn't remember...she was saying something about gasoline, and she looked confused when talking to the admiral of the base, Twix.  I attempted getting her attention, but she flattened me trying to get out of the place.  ...Uhh...well...I started following Scotch around more, after he woke up of course."

  • ?: That was how you met...uhh...Keil?

"Yeah, her.  She's still hot."

  • Scotch: ...Well.
  • Syande: ...Vell.

"...Okay then.  Are you ready to do your part once more Scotch?"

  • Scotch: On it...

~ Fin

Chapter Six (Scotch's perspective)

  • Snickers: So Scotch, before you get started, why not tell them how your dark powers came along after you woke up?
  • ?: Please?...

"Sure, anything for my child.  And Snickers too I guess.  Anyway I woke up from my little rest not long after being knocked out by the negative energy, and found myself doing missions once more, but there was a twist to them.  I started doing things that were surreal...oh, not too surreal, but I ended up finding myself cutting to the bottoms of staircases at inhumane speeds and phasing my hands through walls.  It was a disaster attempting to control my abilities...considering that I had no experience using my dark powers, you could tell I struggled a lot, and my brother laughed at me, using his magic to demonstrate by tossing me towards a wall telekinetically."

"It was tough getting over the abilities, but Savior was still helpful and didn't have any difficulties still.  He fought hard and hard as I would have fought if I had decent control over my darkness at the time.  I struggled to do almost everything...getting out of my bed was hard, I found myself cutting through the floor, and I have killed animals just upon staring at them.  I was confused, scared, and threatened to kill myself when my life flipped the other way when I met this tall lad- okay forget it, it was Keil.  She asked me if there was any good place to get gasoline to sell, then I pointed at the closest store.  She didn't thank me and ran right over me so that I was flattened...but I was interested.  So I followed her...and I didn't return to the base for a while."

  • Snickers: Wait what?  ...What happened at that time?  I thought that after Keil went to get the gasoline, you returned to the base immediately.

"Well no.  I almost did, but I took a last glance at Keil before a teenage girl around my age walked up to me.  She looked...happy.  She was also cute, and wore this neat suit.  Her name was...Oshelia, otherwise known as your mother.  She asked for my name and we talked for a bit...I mean, not a lot, but then she left for a reason that I still don't know to this day.  I'd ask her if she were here right now, but she isn't.  All she told me is to not give up at what I'm trying to do, because she knows I was trying to do things for a good cause.  And that made me I kept on going!"

"I kept thinking about Oshelia more and more...her positivity, her fleshed out happiness, her French inspired all struck my heart.  It bounced around in my steel heart, wiggling its way through my headstrong nature and feelings.  It was something that told me that I needed to meet her again...but I didn't know where to find her, and it would be kind of creepy if I stalked her anyway.  But I felt like it was necessary to find her so I could ask how she could be quite so happy and exciting, and not have the feeling of misery take over her pure, strong heart.  You're young to understand my child, but one day, you shall experience what it is like to be loved by more than your parents."

  • Snickers: Touching.  I feel like that...uhh...Syande should have the next part.

"Eh?  Why?"

  • Snickers: Well, Syande had something to do with something important


  • Syande: I did? ...Let's see...vere do I begin?

~ Fin

Chapter Seven (Syande's perspective)

"I'll start off by saying that thing I vas embarrassed to speak about earlier...vell, remember ven I vas talking about Pierce?  Vell, I bit him...uhh...he 'died' in a vay.  His mentality vas lost, but not his body.  Vhy?  Because I bit into his brain on accident, he attempted dodging my expected vampire attack, but vas too slow...but not slow enough to have his neck bitten.  So I left him so he could die, but I vas grabbed by him, vho forced himself into kissing my very lips.  No, he vas not in any form of love vith me, but he sucked up some of my life and left me unstable.  He kicked me and I fell, and I voke up in the land of Zonar again, right back in Peaceful'll just call it Chaotic City from this point onvard."

  • ?: ...What was Chaotic City like at the time, Aunty?  Was it still burning?

"Oh gosh yeah.  It vas burning at incredible velocities...I mean, the heat was always building and thy destruction has moved far and wide, but the buildings vere not building at quick rates at all.  Hell, it took much longer for it to fully burn..."

  • ?: Did you know where your siblings were?

"No.  I didn't know vere Scotch left after our minor encounter, and at the time I haven't seen Snickers in thy timespan of...almost my entire life."

  • ?: Uhh...what powers do you possess?  If Scotch had darkness and if Snickers were magic, you had to have something...

"Ven I vas bitten, I gained vampire powers and learned to use them by thy same person vom bit me.  It was quite an interesting experience, really.  But I also...gained vings, and I vas able to soar through thy air with ease, flexing every morning to make sure I can go anyvere I vanted to go.  I flew out of the city, and uhh...vell...ugh...I don't know how to go much further vith my end of thy story..."

Ding dong.

  • Scotch: Another knock at the door, at this hour?  It's...eight at night.
  • Snickers: Well don't just stand there, answer it!
  • Scotch: All right, all right.
  • Oshelia: Ello!
  • Scotch: Aha, ello, hon.
  • Oshelia: Quite the place you got here Scotch...
  • Syande: ...Hmph.
  • Scotch: Yeah, uhh...well...I got it from Twix's fortune that he lended to em.
  • Oshelia: Whatcha doin'?
  • Scotch: Explaining a story of our past to our son...
  • Oshelia: ...Can I give some of my perspective?
  • Snickers: Sure, sure.
  • Synade: I vasn't finished yet!...let me at least finish!...

~ Fin

Chapter Eight (Oshelia's perspective)

"I guess I should start with my the rest of you guys, I was born in Peaceful City, and my parents were part of the Navy.  They did well doing their job, and we lived pretty happily together.  My dad was all out on attacking while my mom pretty much healed the downed allies.  My family spent much of their days fishing and taking me out, even as a baby, on boat rides.  One day, when I was at the age of three, we had an accident however...the boat hit a boulder, and I fell out of my mom's arms clumsily into the sea, my arms and legs tied in cloth so there was no hope in me escaping in any way...I sunk like a rock."

"I probably wouldn't have lived if it weren't for me scrapping my back against the barnacles present on the bottom of the boat by accident...I started bleeding, but I lost a bit of weight and floated up a bit...I attracted a shark with the blood, and I remember watching it lunge at me...but it barely missed me with the teeth...I ended up in the stomach.  I don't...remember what happened after that, but I was still bleeding...however, I saw a small beach ahead when the shark was positioned out of the water.  The shark...was killed."

"I feel sorry for it right now, as it was dragged to land, but the hunters found me inside the darkness of the shark and took me out.  The cut I had was rather large now and I lost a lot and nearly died, but the power of the sun shined against the cut and stopped it from bleeding.  One of the hunter walked towards me, then placed a strange substance over my cut...whatever it was, I felt much different...I felt like there was water running through my veins, going around with the blood.  But just as I left the scene, I found something inside the shark's deceased body...there were a hat and a scarf, both of which I took...they're my prized possessions, and because of them I never forgot the incident I had where a shark almost killed me, yet saved my life."

"After that incident, I never saw my parents again...they're more than likely deceased by this point, but the substance they put on my back was strange...I found myself sprouting water from my hands.  It tired me out whenever I did so, and I found myself needing to stand in deep piles of water to recover my health.  It was kind of scary...a little bit, because I thought something terrible would happen to me any second now.  But fortunately, I was taken back to Peaceful City where they took me to school.  I kept my need for water very intact...I waited until after school to return to that one beach to refresh my blood and purity."

"One day, at school, there was an earthquake, and I threw myself under my desk, where a quake split the land.  I was forced to evacuate...and know what happened after that right?  But I must tell you that when I met Scotch the first time, he was rather handso-"

  • Scotch: ...Erm.
  • Snickers: HA.  How does it feel to be embarrassed, Scotch?
  • Scotch: ...Not that bad actually.

"Anyway...he had a heart of steel, but I felt like that messing with his mind really helped pull him together a bit more.  Who wants to do the next part?  I'm tired-ish."

  • Scotch: ...I got this.  Leave it to me.

~ Fin

Chapter Nine (Scotch's perspective)

"I think we're past introduction stages, so I assume we can move to the main story now.  I was given my first real mission, to explore the nearby Maha Desert for signs of alien life.  I swallowed upon hearing this, but nodded my head and marched out with Savior.  I only hesitated because of the heat of the's so overwhelmingly warm that it can peel your skiin off if you spend more than five minutes under it.  As the desert is made of black catches the heat very well and makes going barefoot unbearable."

"To overcome the miserable conditions, I borrowed a jeep from the base and rode it with Savior.  It was quite a road to the desert, and by that I'm being sarcastic, no one was around the outskirts of it and there were no towns or anything of the sort to see.  The Maha Desert required me to go at a high speed so the car didn't build heat quickly, and eventually I saw the desert just speeding by.  At last, we found a questionable area of the desert, where some of the aliens were going under this mysterious pyramid.  As you could have guessed, I went outside my car with Savior and followed the creatures into their home."

"It was a disgusting sight.  Wherever you looked, human flesh and skin covered most of the floor, and the walls were covered with foreign language written with blood.  Every alien was doing a chant...I could not understand the chant, but each was looking up at the pyramid's top and attempting to make some sort of prayer I guess?  I don't know my child...I never found out.  But all I know is that I stepped forward with a gun, and started firing away.  A great number of aliens panicked, but plenty surrounded me easily and managed to take away my gun.  I might have been done for if Savior didn't take me by the leg and run over to the jeep and allowed me to drive our way out."

"Going back to the base, I remembered your mother once more...Oshelia, the key to my heart and perhaps to my own happiness.  I felt so warm when I got to the base, sweating even, although that may just be due to the desert's humidity.  Admiral Twix asked if I managed to find anything out, and I pointed out the amazing surge of aliens that were found under an artificial pyramid.  I called it that because the pyramid is a fake and was made likely as a disguise for a secret hideout for the aliens' more than likely evil purposes.  But going onto my rock hard bed, Oshelia's overwhelming thought made the bed feel like leather...I slept soundly."

"Woke up with another task, although Snickers took it and went off before Twix could object.  I'm sure he went to explore the Mutated Jungle, which is a pretty messy place as is.  I sat in my chair with the wonderful Savior and stroked his head several times, the admiral smiling down at me and the dog he once owned.  As I sat petting his head, the base received a distress signal from Snickers, and he was trapped with quite a few aliens!  Not holding anything back, I rushed to the jungle, Savior following lickity-split."

  • Snickers: My turn.  I'll explain what happened in the jungle.
  • Syande: Ooh...did you get scared? ~
  • Snickers: ...Uhh no not really.
  • Syande: Don't lie to me...I don't vant to bite you to get the answers...
  • Snickers: I'm not lying.
  • Syande: All right then, stand stil-

"Knock it off Syande.  Here Snicks, you handle the rest."

  • Snickers: Thanks.
  • Oshelia: ...Uhh...

Oshelia shivers.

  • ?: What's wrong, mommy?
  • Oshelia: This upcoming chapter of the story kind of scares me...

~ Fin

Chapter Ten (Snickers' perspective)

"So in the jungle, I was intended to save a young lady, whom I assumed to be this white haired lady I saw earlier, and was generally pleased with the idea of saving her.  But behold...I was led into a trap, as there was actually no distress signal sent, and the place that we received the transmitting from turned out to be a foreign alien device that disguised itself to be a distress signal center. But as soon as I found that out, my arms were crunched by weight and I was dragged backwards. I sent a quick signal to Scotch for help and I believe I went unconscious."

"When I woke up, Scotch was not there, but neither were the aliens. Dazzled, I got up, and looked around for an exit. There was none, but I found something mysterious...I found a boy, a bit younger than I, wrapped in vines. His hair was black and he had a green sweatshirt...he was pretty neat in appearance, and having nothing else to do, I untied him. He introduced himself as Mega and stuff, and we conversed for a bit. He told me who he was, what he was doing in the jungle, and how he got tangled up, although you could guess by my older personality that I didn't necessarily care all that much. When he left, I started looking for an exit."

  • ?: How did you escape that jungle?

"Well it was really an accident that I managed to escape, but I did not go towards the base, instead a different land...aliens started marching their way through one part of the Mutated Jungle, and I was forced to go the other way. Looking back only one, they looked wrong...they came into contact with the maddened wildlife, and now they look like...snakes, frogs, general well as themselves. It was an ugly sight, and it still makes me wish to vomit, but regardless I kept running until I was cornered. ...I wasn't cornered alone though. Apparently Scotch was backing up into the same area, and our heads collided. But let me tell you what happened next."

"Alongside Scotch, there was Oshelia, whom he found walking to her home, and accidentally dragged her into this mess. I started firing paralysis beams at the aliens, hoping to stop them, but it was no use...they kept surrounding us, their teeth ground sharp and their eyes glowing red. Scotch's friend stood in front of us, terrified, then unleashed a large wave of water to trip the aliens. Making use of the distraction, the three of us made it to a shoreline on the other side of the trees, which apparently was where Oshelia lived for a while. It was a comfortable relaxation place..."

"Savior rested in the shore's waves, I laid back and attempted relaxing whilst the two nerds were talki-"

  • Oshelia: ...Hey!...

"Shush. Anyway both Scotch and Oshelia were talking to each other, having a grand time, and I was just kicking back and waiting for any chance to go back to the base, or meet Commander Alien again to do something to help him. But I had a sneer on my face...I was going to cross both Twix and Commander Alien at some point and take over their bases and arrange them just for myself, then take over the world's properties with weapons of mass destruction. But of course, Scotch had to be put to rest...and I mean, I had to kill him at some point, although to assure you, I never had."

"Oshelia revealed that she relies on water to keep herself alive, and hydrates herself at least three times each day to restore herself, or she dies. I figured that I could lower Scotch's defenses by "unintentionally" killing this woman, so I offered her to come along with the rest of us, with her declining for the moment, saying that we should ask her again when Scotch was alone or with just Savior. Somewhat ticked off, I stormed away and let my brother talk to her in peace. After a bit more talking, Scotch, Savior, Mega and I left, Oshelia deciding on not leaving, and just when we reached the base Mega ditched us."

  • Scotch: Sounded fun.
  • Oshelia: ...I refused to join?

"Yeah, because didn't like the prospect of fighting."

  • Oshelia: True.
  • Scotch: Hm.
  • Syande: I'm ready to tell another part of the tale...

"Ah, sure, why not? You wanted to tell us something important..."

~ Fin

Chapter Eleven (Syande's perspective)

"Ah, so vere did I leave off?  ...Ah.  After I left the city, I flew into thy aforementioned jungle in pursuit of a pretty girl in summer clothing, and I vanted her blood so badly.  I found her bathing in thy shoreline vater, and I vaited and vaited for her to come out so I could attack her vithout being seen.  But this vas ruined ven Scotch ran in, and I immediately knew I shouldn't attack her.  I just stayed and vatched everything go by...I vas feeling strange visions.  I could sense something about Snicks but I didn't know exactly vat it was nor how to shake it off.  So I just left thy jungle to go and kill a few rats for supper ven I spotted a tall voman, she's extraordinarily tall...yeah yeah, it vas Keil all right, same lady Snicks vas ran over by.  I lunged at her, but vas hit by a bus by unfortunate timing."

"I thought I vas dead at first, but I immediately sprung to life and jumped off thy bus, then flew back to thy base to see if same lady vas still there, but no...she vas gone!  In thy timespan of five minutes, she already got avay...but it didn't matter much as Snicks snuck up behind me and kicked my backside to get my attention.  Snarling, I looked behind myself and asked for his name, and vas shocked ven I learned of his identity, yet I vas angered from his selfish actions and thy fact that he killed our father...cruel, cruel person.  I don't know how I came to forgave him to this day, but I have...anyvay."

  • ?: What did you do after that?  Did you get a new home at some point?  What were...your new goals?

"Hm, interesting questions from a child as small and young as yourself.  I don't exactly remember immediately vat happened aftervards, but I...fell asleep at some point and I voke up on a bed of sorts, thy first I've slept on in years.  I flew off thy bed, and found myself in a building, then saw Scotch, vho vas apparently attempting to deliver tea and crumpets to me to start off my morning.  Ven I told him I vas into blood much more than tea, he shivered, then told me I should go to thy Maha Desert and fight off thy alien forces there for their blood, and perhaps see if there's anything beyond them."

"I did as he recommended, I flew out of thy base and spread out my vings, then flew up high and explored the vast lands...finding thy Maha Desert dead ahead.  I remember seeing a vulture peck off the flesh off an vas a disturbing sight, even for a vampire like myself.  But ironically, I dove down to thy bird, knocked it off, then clenched my teeth to its neck and sucked out its fine juices despite my problems seeing other animals do it.  Afterwards, I flew off to thy pyramid Scotch vas talking about earlier."

"Inside, there vere many aliens, all of vich vere disturbing, large in size...menacing, looking like they could crack the earth vith a sving of their mighty clubs.  But I vas not intimidated...I flew in on them all, grabbing their attention, then I laid a few bombs in the room I stole from one of them...after dropping the bomb, all of them vere beginning to quickly, before they died, I reached down to each one and sucked out their juices, absorbing their blood, refueling my body...they moaned in anger and disappointment and basically died, and I cackled and stole quite a few items from them.  But I found nothing about their hideout and just flew back.  Aunty's done for now."

  • ?: Nothing else?

"Not fer now."

  • Scotch: I guess I'll give it another go with the storytelling.  Uhh let's go.

~ Fin

Chapter Twelve (Scotch's perspective)

"So after meeting Oshelia at her shoreline, I went home, my mind once again locked in rhythm with the sweetness she brought to my head.  I couldn't rest that night...all I wanted to do was to go outside and find her and then talk to her more, but not only would that be weird, it would be too late at night to do so anyway.  I flipped and turned in my bed, and I restlessly flopped from side to side uncomfortably.  It was an awkward feeling, to say the least, the happiness that she held was something I never held in my life.  I was too serious back then in that life of mine..."

"The next morning, I didn't wait for Twix to give me directions, I ran towards the jungle, my heart beating with a form of excitement I never felt before.  Rather than an ache of pure steel, I felt a type of passion, a type of feeling, a type of something I couldn't understand.  Like I hoped, I reached the shoreline and found Oshelia resting on the beach, soundly, smiling.  Not wanting to scare her, I crept to the furthest side of the shore and slept there, waiting for her to wake up.  The idea of talking to Oshelia was so great that sleeping was almost impossible."

"I managed to sleep anyway, but when I woke up, she was still there, but someone was also there, looking over her body.  I was...somewhat stunned.  This human in particular had purple clothing, had a cape holding his clothing together, and his brown curls weren't anywhere as cool as mine were.  I thought of him as a threat and stepped up to him and asked for his name in a type of tone that wasn't too serious, but not necessarily too friendly either.  He told me to back off, but I didn't, and he simply pushed me away, making me fall backwards on the ground, waking Oshelia up.  All I remember is that she was scared, and forced the human being away...he vanished suddenly.  All he told me was his Origin of Hazel, which I don't know how to explain nor do I remember it."

"Oshelia was nervous and shaking, and I decided to walk over and offer my hand to her, and she accepted my hand, using it to get up from the floor.  She didn't act worried once she saw me (alone at least) and asked if I were okay.  I said in a silent tone that I was fine, and she was just happy that I wasn't hurt in any way.  Taking note that no one else was with me, I asked if she wanted to come over to the base for a bit later on, and she actually accepted the invite, but told me that Snickers needed to be out of the base because she didn't trust him, which was fine because he was hardly ever trustable."

"I walked back home, greeted by Twix, who informed me that I didn't do my duties of the day, and as such he punished me for three days and left me in my room with only bread and water (and Savior).  Savior and I had a miserable time the first day, it was sad and lonely and there was not anything to do...for the first time, I felt sad, angry, and frustrated, all at the same time.  I was angry that I was letting my passion overcome my work, and I was starting to get determined to keep as a steel heart general, but changed those ways when Oshelia came over the next day."

  • Oshelia: Can I cover this part of the story?...

"If you want."

  • Oshelia: All right, sounds fun.
  • ?: Mommy, I like it when you tell the story.
  • Snickers: ...I never received ONE compliment.

~ Fin

Chapter Thirteen (Oshelia's perspective)

  • ?: Wait Mommy, why was Daddy in such great love with you?...
  • Scotch: ...I wouldn't say love.

"Well, I could definitely feel his ever pounding, self proclaimed chest of steel.  When he got punished, I waited until the next day to see him, where I saw him curled up, alone, on his bed, his dog Savior looking over at him in a sad temper.  I couldn't call out to him because the room he was in was behind bars, and the bars reflected sound back towards the rest of the base like an echo.  I just stood there though, waiting for his attention, waiting for him to see if we could communicate in any way...however, he kept lying there, depressed, and I could feel the tears leaking from my eyes...if he didn't wake up soon, I would need to leave so I could recover my hydration levels."

"Fortunately though, he woke up, and saw me behind the bars, and was amazed.  He reached out his hand through the bars of the cage, and I grabbed his hand without much hesitation.  We were staring into each other's eyes now...General Scotch Cornbread Caramel was the name I got to know him by, but he told me I could just call him Scotch, to which I agreed to doing.  I was weakening by the second, but I wasn't that nervous about it and kept talking to him, attempting to talk to his heart.  I felt like I was succeeding, but then I fell to the floor at a moment I don't remember, but I woke up not too long later in Scotch's cage, my hand having been placed in Scotch's water dispenser..."

"I can't believe it.  With the quick intelligence and amazing speed, he saved my life just putting my hand into his water storage.  I thought that I was causing quite the burden and was going to leave, but convinced myself to stay a bit longer and to attempt to help Scotch battle his hard shelled heart.  Moments didn't last long though, as Commander Alien, as you already know, came along and attacked the base, forcing I to retreat.  I couldn't carry Scotch with me, so I just went back home while he could defend himself, but before I did that I touched the center of his chest and wished him luck, attempting to send a message to trust in his own heart."

"I stayed home for most of that day, and I waded about in the water, swam about with great grace, and I had a fun time just talking to myself.  But I got worried and then so I got out and went after Scotch in a great pa-"

  • ?: Was Daddy ok?  Did he win?

"He didn't win any battle sweetheart, but he defended himself well...base wasn't damaged too much, but his room was broken and now vulnerable to rain and storms.  So, thinking for the better, I offered Scotch to stay at my shores for a while so that the base could get fixed without the need of having to keep a sharp eye on the general.  With Twix's permission, he accepted and joined me to my small home.  He didn't have much places to sleep, but watched me swim through the shoreline waves...I moved gracefully, he said, and I moved swifter than any other in the sea.  At first I was a bit weirded out, but I was definitely reaching his heart as I would have hoped and I thanked him hard for it.  ...Uhh honey are you ok?"

  • Scotch: S-sort of.  I was just thinking about how I felt back then...goodness I'm red with the thoughts...

"...Heh.  So he stayed at my place for a bit, but he received a distress call at some point...well...uhh...what do I do now to explain?"

Knock, knock.

"Eh?  Who's there?"

Knock.  Knock, knock.

  • Scotch: Show yourself, I'm armed!...armed as a fish.


~ Fin

Chapter Fourteen (Keil's perspective)

"So uhh kid who are you how are you why am I here again?"

  • Snickers: ...What are you doing here?

"No the question is what are you doing here, small child?"

  • Snickers: ...It's been twenty years and you still call me a child?  How pathetic.

"Well that's how my life rolls.  Tbh everyone said I was a strange kid, never knew why fsr, and my parents did stuff I can't remember and uhh I suddenly found myself selling gasoline for low prices.  Then this town I grew up went on fire and idk how to react back then so I just kept on selling stuff.  Then this nerd came ove-"

  • Snickers: Me.
  • Scotch: ...Me, buddy.

​"You're both small and you're one and the same lmao.  Anyway a nerd came over and took me away from the gasoline place before it probably blew up and killed three people, and I found myself driving us to freedom."

  • Scotch: ...A fact you got wrong.  You led us back into the city where we almost died because of you.

"My story, not yours lol.  Anyway I got us safely to Scotch's home, I didn't crash the car into the building's side and uhh I guess I got to meet the dorks, especially this one duder named Dic-"

  • Snickers: ...I'm not Dickers.  I'm Snickers.  Handsome Snickers at that.


  • Snickers: I sai-

"Anyway back to my story so tbh I don't really get the gist of what happened really so like I stayed with these dorks, I always helped out, I was safe and never blew up anything on accident, and uhh this Tricks kid was amazingl-"

  • Snickers: Are you going to call me amazing and awesome?

"-amazingly dumb but I loved him aromnatically lmao."

  • Snickers: Aw.
  • Scotch: No crushes for you any time soon Snickers.  You're...thirty seven.

"Shut up I can tell this story how I wANT TO.  Let me tell my story or I'm tossing you all into the void."

  • Snickers: ...Erm...fine.
  • Oshelia: At least stop lying...
  • ?: ...This person scares me.
  • Snickers: How about you have your turn later, honeymoon?

"Keep your hands off of me dork, I'm out of here for now."

Probably blows up.

  • ?: Who was she?
  • Snickers: Ah, Keil, my girlfriend.
  • Scotch: ...Or so he thinks.  Keil's not anywhere close...ha.
  • Snickers: ...Darn it Scotch stop rubbing it in!
  • Scotch: Never.  Anyway I might as well make another chapter of the story unfold...

~ Fin

Chapter Fifteen (Scotch's perspective)

  • ?: So Daddy, what exactly happened after what Mommy was talking about?

"I stayed with Oshelia for a bit before I got the distress call.  The base was blown up, taken over by aliens, and everyone but the administrator himself, Twix, went missing.  I told him that I couldn't come due to being way too far away and not being able to do anything about the rescue, but this was a lie as it wasn't that much of a cut through the jungle just to get back to the other soldiers.  I sat on the shoreline next to my friend, who was absorbing water to fuel her hydration.  I smiled gently and just stared over the horizon, and worried about what I'm currently doing with my life.  I'm supposed to be back with the other soldiers, but in the meantime I was too absorbed with my own thoughts than what was going on over there."

"Oshelia told me that everything will be all right over there, and I had the feeling that she would be right.  After all, Twix can easily replace the base and he is very great at hiring dependable soldiers.  But through all of this, I worried about my dog, Savior, who I have become much attached to...I turned away from my friend's home and was going to walk off to check on the others, but she attempted taking me back, wanting me to become stronger in thoughts here and not walk off in a glum light.  I hesitated and stayed a bit longer, and the two of us ended up having a playful splash contest in the water.  I remember my laughing back then...the laughing that rarely came, the bounce of the heart that was almost always sealed in iron...if you saw me back then, you would wonder how I ever came to laugh in such a happy manner."

"When the time came for me to leave, she waved bye and gave me a few cookies before I went, and watched as I disappeared into the darkness of the jungle's vines.  I didn't look back, I was much afraid of drawing her attention, but as a surprise she ran after me and put her hand awkwardly around my neckline.  Oshelia paused for a moment, then asked if she could come along with me.  I put my hand to my head, and thought about what good luck that would make...but I hesitated, said no, and broke free from her grip.  It was a very...tense feeling, a very chilling thing for me to have done, I didn't feel heart was collapsing in such a manner!  If I could see it now, it would have been throbbing with such anxiety that it might have just stopped any moment!"

  • ?: Were you in love with young Mommy?...

"You better believe it.  I loved Oshelia at that point, and by "loved" I mean that I would have done anything to protect her, shall I be there as the silver knight at her side.  But at the time, I wasn't thinking, my heart was throbbing in all the wrong places...I can't identify how I felt back then, even now, that's how hard it was to judge me at the age of just fifteen.  Kind of spooky, really."

"I reached the base directly on time, calmly ate the cookies whilst running to the front door, and knocked to see if Twix were still there.  He opened the door, smiled, then took me in, and seated me down on a comfortable cushion, with Savior comfortably now lying down on my lap, a faint grin coming to my face due to the dog being safe and sound.  The first thing Twix asked me is why I made a large delay in getting to the base, and when I told him of the extended visit, he showed a scowl at first, but smiled, saying that it was all right.  Second thing he asked is if I plan on ditching the base to do my commanding goals in secret.  I told him that it is the best thing I can come up with, and without thinking I told him that I have reasonable choices for allies.  Satisfied, Twix walked away, telling me that I was the best general he's ever seen barring my own father."

"I walked outside the base to sleep outside when I came across my brother Snickers once again, whom was lurking in the dark.  We both questioned each other's existence in the same area at the same time, and that score we had as children was not settled at that point.  My father was dead, Snickers killed him, and I wanted my revenge.  Snickers' home was trashed, his life was full of consequences and back luck, and he wanted his revenge.  We started having a small fight out on the grass, rolling over and kicking each other until we could fight no more.  It was a bad brother left a huge bruise on my stomach, and I left a dent on Snickers' forehead.  Grunting, my brother got up and left, declaring the "victory" as mine...but he also said he would get his own victory soon.  Puzzled, I just went to sleep."

"That night, I had a dream.  I woke up with Oshelia on a chair next to me, and she was much older in terms of age...she fed me as if I were her own child, and took me on walks and helped walk me to school.  I don't understand how I came to see it that way as I did, but Oshelia must have been a mother figure to my head, and judging by her amazing personality, I can see her that way.  Also since she has a child as of now...yeah, it was pretty neat.  She put me in bed by the end of the dream, kissed my forehead, and waited in the chair again, as if for me to wake up into another one of those dreams..."

  • Oshelia: I never knew you pictured me that way before.

"Honestly, I don't remember how I came to view you that way."

  • Snickers: Heh, how pathetic.
  • Oshelia: You're not one to talk, Snicks...

"So uhh who wants the mic next?"

  • Syande: I'll take it.  I have...some thing to discuss."

~ Fin

Chapter Sixteen (Syande's perspective)

"Ah, so I guess it's time I tell you a final thing before I have to leave this house for a vile to go grocery shopping.  I vas going over thy rooftops of Peaceful City ven I saw this human on the ground...he vas valking silently, brutally strong and brave as it seemed.  I flew down on him, then took a light bite into his neck...thy rush of blood felt amazing, I felt it drain straight into me, it vas a feeling of pleasure...excitement.  He didn't notice, he kept on valking until I drove him unconscious.  Thinking he vas dead, I stopped and valked avay, but I turned back and looked at him, then I cringed and took him to thy nearest hospital.  Vhy, you may ask?  He looked simply too good to die so young..."

"I left his body next to thy hospital door, then vaited for them to take his body in.  I vaited a long time...they took him in, and I followed suit extremely silently...I tried my very hardest not to bite anyone, for I could be trapped easily in a hospital that complex.  They put him on a hospital bed and started healing him...slowly, but I valked in as if a normal person, and murmured in his ear that it vouldn't be thy last he's seen of me, thy grand vampire...Syande.  They vere shocked that I vas a vampire, but they didn't do anything out of fright...I smiled, then took a running start, then flew out thy nearest vindow.  And that, my friends, is how I came to acknowledge my husband, Brook."

"Of course, he didn't see me, but he vas on my mind...I had vay too much fun draining out his blood circulation, but I promised to myself that I vouldn't drain as much next time I laid eyes on him.  I calmed down, relaxed my body, heightened my resistance to drink...I simply vent into the jungle and rested myself on thy shorelines of Oshelia's home.  I couldn't stop thinking about Brook's fresh blood though...and I couldn't help that he suddenly vent down and vas randomly hospitalized.  I felt very bad for him and vished I hadn't sucked out his remains, but I vas afraid it vas too late...and it vas."

  • Scotch: ...That's it?

"Yeah, basically.  Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go shopping."

  • Scotch: Okay, uhh bye I guess...
  • Oshelia: that's how she met Brook.
  • Scotch: Hm.
  • Snickers: Well because it's been forever, I'm going to tell what happened after Scotch and I had a fight against each other.
  • Scotch: ...Hmph.
  • ?: Why do you two hate each other?
  • Scotch: ...You'll find out.

~ Fin

Chapter Seventeen (Snickers' perspective)

"It's been a while since I've said anything overall.  Anyway, after Scotch and I had our little fight, we hardly saw each other for a very long time.  In fact, after that fight, I ran away from the base, and everything that mattered to me, and I decided to trek into the Maha Desert where no one could find me...except Keil, believe it or not.  I nearly set my feet into the desert's heat when my shoulder was grabbed by her, and she asked where I was going, and why.  I didn't answer either question, but she wouldn't let go of my face until I told her.  All I told her is that my hair is the most fascinating part about me, and I scampered away before she could possibly ask anything else from me."

"I hid behind a small pillar, taking shelter in its shadow, and munched on a few muffins remaining from my backpack.  I looked up at the morbidly hot sun, it was certainly pressuring its fire around the atmosphere...I decided to go on in the desert and look for a new place to live, because Scotch drained all trust Twix probably had in me.  I camped under another pillar, not in the slightest worried, when Commander Alien came straight out of nowhere and asked if I needed anything.  I told him that I wanted a bomb, and while he was confused, he did as I asked, and I had the bomb in my hands.  I walked away, then dismantled the bomb, much to his alarm.  I told him that as soon as I finished what I was going to do, the world would be defenseless.  It was true, the bomb I was creating had the power to fade away galaxies...if I had the proper tools.  All I needed was the Ace Bowl, water from the Heart, Spade, and Club Seas, and five grains each from the Desolation Deserts, the Maha Desert being one of three."

"I didn't tell my plan to Commander Alien, as you might have already known, I was going to double cross him by killing his disgusting aliens and kill Twix and his pathetic soldiers at the same time.  I smiled, and walked off, attempting to place this bomb together, when Keil snuck up from behind and hurled me to the ground suddenly, me screaming from the desert'sheat and from the shock of this girl.  I leapt to my feet, and she asked weirdly if she could do anything to help me, and I told her that she could help me by going away.  She didn't though, and kept following me from the desert, as if I were her father and she was in need of some sort of pity drink.  I had enough at some point and almost tried killing her when she stood at a height that I realized that was really intimidating.  Defeated, I surrendered weakly."

"Inside me though, the roots of hatred were starting to connect.  I hated your father with a passion that you would never believe.  I hated your mother with a vengeance, she turned my brother away from being the man that he was intended to be.  I hated Twix for trusting Scotch more than me, and I was obviously more capable than he ever would have been, and I certainly hated Syande for almost giving me a heart attack at quite a few moments in my life, and I hated Keil for being annoying and a definite obstacle.  Be lucky, child, that I don't hate you, at least not yet."

  • ?: I-It's possible for you to hate me?

"Yes, it's possible for anyone to hate anyone, even mother to daughter."

  • ?: O-oh.
  • Oshelia: Don't scare her like that...

"Enough!  You shall tell the next story, Oshelia, here and now!"

~ Fin

Chapter Eighteen (Oshelia's perspective)

"After Scotch rejected my request to join his team, I spent most of my time hiding away at my shore, hoping Scotch to return at some point, but he hadn't for a while, and when two weeks have passed without him, I manually went over to the base and found him heavy at work, grunting and lifting weights, and smashing his head against concrete.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said tiredly that he was trying to forget me so that he can return his heart to iron and steel, and that being happy was no use, I sat in tears and watched him cruelly beat himself up physically and beat me up mentally...I know it wasn't my fault he was trying to forget me, I got that he was a general, but I didn't think he wanted to actually forget last I couldn't take it anymore and I stopped him by grabbing his legs, tripping him.  The weights fortunately flew in another direction, and I soothed Scotch, sitting next to him and stroking his neck."

"How Scotch felt was something I could never begin to explain properly.  He twitched at first and tried to struggle free, but stopped very quickly, and was closing his eyes and slowly nodding his head from side to side.  To me, he felt like a doll, easily being controlled emotionally by me, his "master".  Giggling, I stroked his head and left the building, hoping he would realize that not all life is hard work and pure exhaustion.  I winced when I went back inside, as he was repeating what he's done before.  I figured I should just leave him alone and I went back home, and had a restless night, where his mentality was starting to worry me very much.  I sped back to the base the following day and went to Scotch's aid, taking his weapons away and hugging him close.  He wasn't very amused, but he grunted and hugged me back.  I could hear his heart...thump, thump, thump."

"I left him once more, and this time, he wasn't beating himself up...he was just sitting on the floor in absolute silence, absolute confusion, and he was shutting his eyes and thinking."

  • ?: Thinking about what?

"I can only assume he was thinking about what I did to him.  I don't have much to say here really, but I will tell you another story while I'm here...I went to the shopping mall today, and aha, the milk was all gone.  There were notes where every milk carton was placed, and they all read in some form of language that only Keil could actually understand.  The store was basically messed up, and I was laughing a bit, as did Scotch.  We left the building, and watched as Keil came in dressed as a dragon and pretty much attempted attacking the place sort of.  When we saw blood rollin', we left."

  • ?: ...Uhh okay.

~ Fin

Chapter Nineteen (Scotch's perspective)

"After Oshelia left, I was totally stunned.  She stopped me from going back to a hard life not just once, but several times.  I was very confused, and just walked around in a daze, wondering why she did what she did, and I found out much later, but we're not at that point yet.  I excused myself from the base, blindedly ran through the jungle, cutting through the vines, attempting to reach Oshelia, but I was confronted and cornered by yet another alien.  This one stopped me from reaching the shoreline due to their evil plans being set there, and told me that if I needed to go there, I would need to find an alternative shortcut.  Well they didn't directly tell me that, that's just what I figured out."

"I moved out from the jungle, holding my chest, and decided to swim across something dangerous...the Peril Sea.  It is a very dangerous area, with piranhas, bloodsucker leeches, and a few sharks roaming about in the water, and not just any sharks, but Hammerheads and that kind of thing.  Forcing myself to do it, I jumped into the water fully clothed, and started swimming as far as possible, but my training was never completed and I was pretty exhausted only fifty feet in, but I had around a mile to go...I just let myself sink into the water, knowing that I could never make it, and felt as I was going to get eaten by piranhas, but that wasn't going to be my fate after all, because the pain caused from their teeth was so great that I pretty much jumped out of the water, and started running atop the animals, each one jumping to try and take me apart.  It worked well for a bit as a bridge, but I lost control near the end and fell over when my hand touched something cool and wet...Oshelia's hand."

"She dragged me out from the sea, and wrapped a towel around me, and thank god because the water was very cold.  Yes, I know it wasn't much of a swim but it was so full of panic and terror for me that it was worth mentioning it.  She told me to stay put, and went inside her house, and came back out with a bowl of pasta, and told me to eat it right there, right now.  I did as told, and was amused at my immediate obedience, and giggled a bit to herself.  She picked me up after I finished eating, then set me down at her small shoreline, and felt my heartbeat once more."

Thump, thump, thump, thump...

"It was a very fast beating heart, and it never ceased stopping when she checked it.  My emotions made me feel weak, and I felt more in love than I did emotionally stressed, which was unusual for the general with the iron heart.  I told her that I was there to stop the aliens that were planning a base here, and she was suddenly alarmed, and told me that she would take care of them herself.  Trusting her without a thought put into it, I nodded, and leaned against her.  I felt so right just being with was such a comfortable feeling...I let myself sink into her arms and I relaxed heavily."

"When I got up, she was still holding me, still near me.  She didn't have the slightest of romantic looks in her eyes, she just had pure blue eyes, deep and caring.  Happily, she brought me to my feet and showed me around her private little shoreline, revealing the amazing creatures that lived there, and the outstanding quality of the water in which she swims in.  She brushed her hair around a bit and told me that because I was so special a friend, I could visit any time I wanted.  I pretty much let that go to my head and I fainted right there in front of her because of that, a treat to visit my only true friend any time when necessary was enough to make my heart jump in endless loops of nothing but pure excitement and joy."

  • ?: Did you have any adventures Daddy with Oshelia?

"I had plenty, but we had to move through a dark age first...oh, it was awful."

  • Oshelia: D-don't remind me...
  • Snickers: Bleh.  I'll take on the chapters from here, we'll get to your shabby story in a bit.

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty (Snickers' prospective)

"So before we get with the super serious stuff Scotch was talking about, it's time for me to explain in great detail what I planned to do.  As I was talking through the Maha Desert, I was cruelly smiling, I had a brilliant weapon I could create, and I knew exactly what to do with it.  As I was collecting a few of the Maha Desert's grains, I was thinking about how useful my bomb could be to blow up Chaotic City and dig up our own home and take the fortune our dad preserved for us for myself to use.  If that didn't go like how I wanted to, I would send it into the ocean and cause a huge tsnaumi to take over the one planet that we lived on in Zonar."

"I smiled, then held the bomb to my chest as if it were my child.  I would have been happy to cause such elliminate families from Zonar, to wipe faces off from the earth, to erase happy things, all for my own glory and treasures that I have been longing for.  I didn't know what day I would do it all on, but I needed to collect those aforementioned items first, which was already a tough task to think about, but I figured I would get a map from Commander Alien.  I snapped my fingers and brought him to the spot, and asked if he would give me a map about Zonar, but only if I would explain what I would do with the bomb.  I didn't tell him, and so he refused to give me any form of map.  So I figured I oughta steal one from his base...or better yet, get Scotch to do it."

"I hurried back to the base, still knowing what directions to go, and I knocked hesitantly on the base's front door. my alarm, no one but Twix was there.  Angered, I slammed the door and crushed into the jungle, tearing down trees with an ax as I went.  I took no notice of what ants got on me, what spiders were going under my clothing, and what bugs could be flying around my face.  I slammed into the beach, thinking Scotch was there, and he was, alongside Oshelia, who was sort of placing him into a trance, as if to heal him of his steel heart.  I stopped the whole thing by kicking the girl, then told Scotch that if he wanted to stop Commander Alien, all he had to do is to get a map from him, and let me take care of the rest.  I pointed the way to his base because I acknowledged where it's been for quite a while, and told him to trust me.  So off he went."

  • ?: Was Mommy angry when you kicked her in such a way?
  • Oshelia: I'm not Snickers, but I was definitely a bit mad.  I mean, it was rude...

"Of course your mother got mad.  When I kicked her and lured Scotch away for my own purposes, she got mad, but didn't yell or anything.  She just showed a sour look, then just waited by the jungle entrance for Scotch's return.  This kind of got me a bit mad, and told her to adventure WITH him so he could just get her out of the way as well.  Believe it or not, it worked, and she followed your dad to the Commander's base.  I was amused, then went to the base myself, trying to keep a steady lead in front of the two without them noticing me.  I was going to make it to the base first and set off things to kill the aliens inside so Scotch and Oshelia didn't do all the work.  I didn't pity them or anything, I just was going to make things easier for them.  I mean, if they died, I wouldn't get the map, so..."

"So I managed to outrun them, I took a few alternative shortcuts through the shadows to get to Commander Alien's place first, and then I knocked on the door.  Upon opening it, I killed the bodyguards and went into the shadows and started activating switches, and then waited for Scotch and Oshelia to come in.  When they finally reached the place, I came in, disguised as an alien, then attacked them, and went down easily by force.  They moved on, and I smiled, hoping that I made the general overconfident, especially considering I disguised as an elite alien in the Commander's forces...I cruelly laughed as they moved on ahead, and followed them stealthily through the remains of the base."

"When they reached Commander Alien, I threw a stone, and watched as the monster was distracted, allowing the two to take a map.  I escaped right after I threw the rock, alongside the other two nerds who didn't notice me, and we escaped before we were locked inside and trapped.  Satisfied, I went back to the shoreline before they did by taking more shortcuts, and was blowing bubblegum practically when they returned."

  • Oshelia: I never knew you were quite so skilled in stealth...
  • Scotch: I knew this, but not that.


  • ?: Did you take the map?

"Yeah.  I took the map right out of their fists, then walked off, sarcastically thanking them as I did so.  I folded out the map, and laughed as the Ace Bowl and the Seas and Deserts were accurately labelled.  It would now be a long chase to get to those places before the Commander did, and I would battle for any piece he took.  This bomb I still hold in my hand, I kissed it, and told it that it would be the first to fully wipe out what Zonar holds faith in: hope.  I walked off with the bomb, and cruelly laughed, and watched as my hands glowed with my magic forces."

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-One ~ A Special Guest?...

  • Scotch: Ah, so you were going to collect those ancient artifacts and kill us all?
  • Snickers: Quite frankly, yes.
  • Scotch: ...Huh okay.
  • Oshelia: So why don't we just go to sleep now?  We can tell our child more in the morning.
  • ?: But Mommy...
  • Oshelia: It's two in the morning dear.  I'm yawning as you can see, I need sleep myself...

Knock knock.  Knock knock knock.

  • Scotch: I'm tired of people coming into this house.  I'm thirty six years old and this is getting on my nerves.  Hello?  Who's there?

"Hmph.  It's you again, General Scotch.  You never took the mail I've been delivering to you for years on end!  You need to show your respect pal, and pay me the mail I've been doing ya good for years.  Like...jeez."

  • Scotch: Ah, if it isn't Frink!  Probably because you should stop dropping mail at two in the morning where Snickers just stuffs our taxes and stuff straight into the back of the box.
  • Snickers: Eheh...

"Well, you could at least do me a favor and go check your mail at, I dunno, eight in the morning and actually read the mail?  I've been driving through absolute cripples all the time, tornadoes and volcanoes, the least you can do is TAKE THE MAIL."

  • Scotch: Woah jeez.  Anyway, do you remember doing anything in our storyline before?...

"...Hm.  When I was a young lad, I've always wanted to deliver mail, it was my only goal.  You were among the first I've ever delivered mail to, and when you never took the mail, I got mad, and started getting really disappointed when I found that you never took any of the mail I gave ya.  That's why I started disliking you a bit."

  • ?: ...I'm scared.
  • Oshelia: Then go to bed.  I'll tuck you in.
  • ?: Okay...

"When I found out about your friends, I got mad at them because I'm sure they don't read the mail I gave them either!  You make me go through miles of torture just to deliver the fricking mail.  Is this how you treat me?"

  • Scotch: No-

"Is it?  Is it?"

  • Snickers: Enough.  Leave, so we can all get some shuteye.  We got stories to discuss tomorrow.

"Very well.  Night."

Door shuts.

  • ?: Good night, Mom.
  • Oshelia: ...Good night, sweet daughter.
  • ?: I have a question Mommy...
  • Oshelia: Yes?
  • ?: Does Frink relate to us in any way?
  • Oshelia: Oh yes.  I guess Scotch forgot to mention because he's kind of old now...I mean thirty six isn't actually old but Frink is my grandfather!

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Two (Scotch's perspective)

"Good morning, all of you.  Now it is time to tell a bit of a disaster story...I was told by Twix to investigate the Maha Desert once more, but now at night.  My dark powers have been inactive for a while and refuse to work when I think about them, but they went off my mind and I was starting to phase through the ground.  Noting this, he scribbled it down in a notepad, then pointed in the desert's general direction.  I marched forward before he stopped me, and he told me that I should bring Oshelia with me to calm my emotional reflexes.  I went a deep red at the thought, but allowed her to come with me, much to her joy."

"I did the manly thing of carrying your mother across three out of five miles in the desert, and the rest of the time she walked willingly on her own, occasionally leaning against my side for standing support.  I took a gallon of water with me so Oshelia can restore her health, as like I said earlier, if she didn't receive enough water to flow through her systems, then she would shrivel up and die.  She was very pleasant to talk to, and kept telling me to walk without paying any mind to the fact I was doing so.  I was somewhat worried, yet somewhat cool, as I can feel my attitude and mind being moderated by her.  I eventually felt kind of excited, and started running for fun, with her bouncing along, following suit.  I laughed to myself, and ended up being sidetracked by playing tag with her, and I fell on the ground, hardly hurt, and laughing whilst lying down on the cool desert.  I received a message on my watch, telling me to stop slacking and get moving.  I became stern again and rushed for the goal, Oshelia following suit."

"We broke inside a small metropolitan cave, and we started walking our way down.  I was very calm, looking forward with ease, before Oshelia put herself on a wooden railing and started sliding downward.  I attempted to stop her, but she just went, and told me that I should appreciate having a bit of fun.  I thought to myself for a bit, and thinking for the better, I got on the banister, and found myself sliding at a very high speed.  The cave zoomed practically behind me, I found myself nearing what seems to be a heated last, I was catching up to your mother, having a lot of fun, and I slammed into her, propelling her speed as well as my own.  We ended up going off a ramp at the end of the railing and crashed into the sandy ground, holding on to her for support.  Finding my awkward position, I let go of her and stood up, dusting myself off, and found myself attempting to phase through the ground.  Oshelia tossed a bit of water at me for fun, giggling at my awkward phasing.  I smiled, then told her that we should keep on moving.  She didn't object."

"We walked towards a room to our right, which was a work of art.  The room's walls were made of solid diamond, and the floor was wavy and very stone like, and in the very center lied a jewel...I was responding awkwardly to it.  I found myself walking forward, and then I passed out.  I cannot remember directly what happened next, but according to your mother, I was in a form of a trance...I went to the jewel and told it my name, what I am, and that I craved naught but destruction and loss of life.  It was responding to me and started floating up, and it pierced itself into my forehead.  I was taken over, and I was going to attack Oshelia when I saw her pretty, innocent struck through my metal heart and I took the jewel out of my bleeding forehead and tried putting it back into place when it...when it...when it went into Oshelia's forehead.  I swallowed hard...what could make Oshelia very happy, enough to pull herself together?  I didn't know, so I just was stuck watching Oshelia almost kill me!...thankfully, I sent a distress signal in time, and I was beaten up...Snicks, this is where you come in."

  • ?: W-was Mommy okay?

"Yeah, she was."

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Three (Snickers' perspective)

"Okay so I was gone for a while, I have just collected a bit of water from the Heart Sea, wanting to continue on with my plans when I received a distress call from Scotch.  I was quite angered at first because I thought he was smart enough to be able to defend himself from some stupid rock, but he wasn't apparently so I just rushed to whatever destination.  Yeah, that cave Scotch was talking about, I went there too.  Slid down the banister, rushed to the room, and found my brother severely injured.  I wasn't sure how I should feel, but all I could feel is confidence draining from myself, I feared that a greater force than I was at work in the room.  I stared at Oshelia, who had the dark gem stuck in her forehead like a moron, and I attacked her with a line of bombs, although she narrowly avoided them and just shoved me to the ground as well.  I swallowed hard and waited for her move, but she didn't move at all, she looked more like some confused angel than anything."

"I just stood there out of pure surprise and pain, I had no idea that she possessed such speed and accuracy...and then I feared that if she joined Scotch, the two could definitely overthrow my actions, so I tried to convince her to join my cause, although she trampled me to the floor again, and kicked my head hard.  I can still feel the pain today if I think about it, but for the sake of being able to tell my story, I won't.  I was hardy and foolish and kept trying to give her the pains she deserved, but she kept reflecting my attacks, one by one, almost as if her attacks could mirror what I could do.  Eventually I gave up and took Scotch's body in my hands and hoped she would follow me out of the cave, but I was wrong...she just stood there, then just as I was almost out of eyesight she closed her eyes and lulled herself to sleep."

"I was shaking all over when I reported the incident to Twix, who warned us to not go near Oshelia again, and I nodded while Scotch begged to try and give her another chance as it wasn't her fault.  As much as Twix wanted to obey Scotch, he refused and said that he would shoot the lad if he neared Oshelia under his acknowledgement again.  I'm just going to say this...that was harsh of him to say, for if Keil were Oshelia I would have died to save her.  Regardless, I watched my brother snivel and almost cry, which is very unusual for his heart to take.  I don't remember what he said to me precisely, but he told me something about feeling strange and wanting to go back to the Maha Desert to save her life, as water is what she needs and the Dark Gem wouldn't let her get near such an important item.  I knew he couldn't, but Twix said nothing about me not being able to go and get to her, so I decided to give my brother a break and volunteered to go and deliver several gallons of water to Oshelia."

"I sort of regretted it at first, neither of us have forgiven each other yet, and I said I wasn't going to do my brother any favors in the future, but I was wrong.  Told Twix I was going to go get fresh supplies for the base, but I actually snuck ten gallons of water into a wagon and sped away from the base before anyone knew anything.  As it was still night, the desert was still cool, so the water didn't evaporate or anything stupid.  I stopped by the cave, listened for signs of life, then slowly went down the steps, but also went as quickly as possible.  Like Scotch said, without water, Oshelia would shrivel up and die.  I went into the Dark Gem's chamber again and delivered the water safely, but she woke up and grabbed me, preventing my escape.  As she held me by the neck, I couldn't talk or do anything much but hardly breathe.  Whilst she was holding me, she took a huge sip of water, then told me darkly that I couldn't escape and never would.  She hurled me against the wall, then tied me there.  This is when I got very tense...if I were kept here forever, we would both die, and that would ruin not just my plans but also the world itself."

"Young child, the first few years of my life were me being a positive and good little lad.  Whilst Oshelia was holding me there, I looked back to my past momentarily, being brought back to my normal self...oh god, I was so happy, I was good friends with Scotch...I opened my eyes for a second, and begged Oshelia to forgive me for the actions I've done to her supposed boyfriend.  She opened her eyes a bit, but she didn't budge a bit, then I just went back to my dark self and threatened to denotate this unfinished bomb to kill her and myself.  She still didn't budge, but I didn't denotate the bomb...what was I supposed to do?  But there was a neat little crash in the ceiling, and things started falling apart up there...oh, my you'll find out who he is in a bit."

  • ?: So uncle, my Mommy was evil for a bit?

"Yeah, but it wasn't her fault as it was Scotch for getting her near an evil gem."

  • Scotch: H-hey.
  • Oshelia: That's not very nice...


  • ?: Who's the hero?

"Ah, the hero that has saved me will come here in a bit.  Give him time."

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Four (Mega's perspective)

  • Scotch: Well, looks like we'll have to get Mega if we want to get anywhere further with the story.  I'll go call him.
  • ?: Don't take too long, I can't stay here forever...
  • Oshelia: It'll be quick.

"Well you don't have to call me when I've been in the other room.  You let me take the guest room for a rest."

  • Scotch: Oh jeez, I keep forgetting things.

"Ha ha, that's all right!  ...Why did you need me?"

  • Scotch: Well Snicks was explaining about that time when Oshelia turned dark and attacked everyone, and you were part of the thing so uhh we were hoping you could move us on.

"Ah...all right, I'll start.  You see...I was returning from the Mutated Jungle where Snicks and I had that one meet up.  I had a sword over my back, shining red, but I had no idea what the sword was supposed to do or anything.  I went up by the base to visit Snicks because the whole army thing sounded rad and apparently he was under attack in the Maha Desert, so I just sped past the whole base just to get and save the one and only friend I ever had.  Well, you don't really need to know how I got there as I was just basically running, then I stepped on a weak spot in the earth and fell right into where those two nerds were.  I held my sword and looked sternly at Oshelia or whatever and I cut Snicks free of his ropes.  I shoo'd him out and then I went one on one with the gal, and we put away our fancy tools and had the most pathetic fist fight in the world."

"I was getting pretty tired of her BS so I just grabbed my sword and slashed at her forehead, wounding her much more severely than I intended to.  I was just trying to put her to sleep but she just...fell and bled a lot.  Snicks and I looked at each other and we just ended up carrying Oshelia's bleeding body back to the base, no questions asked, and Twixy put her in a small chamber to isolate her from the rest of us.  I just sat there, bored, head on hand, just watching her drown into exhaustion.  GET IT?  Because she's a water elemental human being?  AHAHAHAHAHA-"

  • ?: ...Erm.
  • Scotch: That was a lame joke.  I could tell better back in my day.

"Eh whatever.  So what happened next was...well, she got better, but the gem was still drilled into her forehead, refusing to come out.  Scotch occasionally came over and sat next to me, and watched Oshelia mindlessly drift around whilst being in possession.  I looked at my friend Scotchy sometimes...he definitely was weeping a few tears, he didn't want this BS at all.  At last, he went into the cage, causing much alarm, and he poked Oshelia to wake her up.  And boy did she wake up...when she did, she fired dark energy all over the place and almost damaged us.  However, Scotch placed his hand on hers, not thinking, and despite massive pain he forced himself to keep holding onto her.  It was a very scary sight, as for if she didn't stop floating and fell to the floor, Scotch would have been dead.  She fell though and victory was his, but the gem was still there, still waiting, still laughing."

"Ha, so uhh...well...erm...she woke up not too long later, but seemed to have some control over herself mentally, although her body was way beyond her control.  She attempted attacking Scotch when he came again, and this time I thought he would actually die because Oshelia scraped off a bunch of his skin in the shock attack.  However, she ceased as much movement as possible when he walked forth to her, laid his apologies, and gave her a gallon of water.  Hesitantly, she squirmed over to the bottle and drank out of it, refueling herself.  She thanked Scotch and tried to get away, but of course he ran towards her and gave her a nice, big hug, being enceased in massive pain once more.  I was just sipping a soda so I dunno what exactly happened next, but the gem popped out of the head and landed on the ground."

  • Snickers: And then I took it.  It didn't think much of my body of course and it just laid limp in my hand.

"I'm supposed to be telling the story, but whatever.  So uhh...not much more about me, goodbye I guess, that was what happened."

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Five (Scotch's perspective)

"I looked at Oshelia...she was pained, and I mean heavily.  I took her body into my lap, and stroked through her hair...there was nothing I could do, the gem went into her forehead and nearly killed her.  Miserable as I was, I continued petting her head...I mean, she wasn't dead, but she was barely alive.  Deep to myself, I knew that as soon as I was done holding her, I would pretty much be fired for messing with her whilst in her wild state, and Snicks laughed at me with a cruel, dark laugh...I cringed looking at his face.  I absolutely hated him, I hated him.  I hated Twix for being cruel to my emotions.  I hated myself for not being careful.  I broke into tears and just laid my head over her stomach..."

"When I woke up, her eyes were opened and she was rubbing her hand through my hair, clearly exhausted...I was not, however.  I picked her up by the legs, and put her over my back.  I was going to take her to the hospital, no matter the road...I needed to keep her safe.  Before Twix could say anything, I burst out of the base, Snicks clear on my trail, and we started running up to a new location.  And oh boy, it was quite the mess, trust me do, right?"

  • ?: Yeah, I do.
  • Oshelia: It was quite the road...

"Yeah, your mother was right.  We passed the Maha Desert in broad daylight, and moved into the shadows of a nearby location...the city of Zaxen.  It was a two day walk, mind you, and I had to keep Oshelia well hydrated or else.  Snicks came along, attempting to stop me, telling me many lies, and trying to convince me to go back...but I didn't dare turn my back, for if I turned my back, I would have turned my back on Oshelia, and that would be unacceptable to my heart as well as my inner being as well as herself.  I was going to go through the gates and get her to the hospital, but they didn't allow me to come in, but they did take Oshelia to the hospital.  I sat near the gates and prayed to Xiane that she would be safe.'.."

"I just lied on the ground, in deep tears, and fell asleep in the hot sun.  I had a nightmare...the lands were falling apart, Oshelia was dead, Snickers was the top general of Commander Alien's army, and I was betrayed by Twix and his army.  I was screaming...they took apart my legs, my arms, and they took my head a bit and started sawing my neck...Oshelia rose up from the dead...she was laughing at my pathetic body and my pathetic life...she was cruelly laughing..."


"I'm just going to cry to myself a bit..."

  • Oshelia: Scotch!...are you okay?...I'll...just do the next bit.

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Six (Oshelia's perspective)

"I was placed in a hospital and set down on a cold, rock-hard bed, having my eyes forced shut.  I was in a deep, mute panic, and I was hoping that I wouldn't suffer too much whilst they were putting my skin back together.  My hands were tied up and my legs were buckled together, and they started feeling around my head, their hands were very cold and their voices were cruel and full of mock.  The tension built up, and I was sweating under it, and I didn't know what was going to happen.  I knew how Scotch felt when they took me away from him to the hospital, and I almost started weeping a bit because I didn't want my friend to feel so hurt."

"I was told to open my eyes a few seconds later, and right in front of me stood...well, Keil.  She was somewhat confused why I was there, but she apparently was told to escort me to my friend, and I hesitantly took her hand.  She immediately dragged me outside, my feet bumping against the ground due to her immense height, and she was speaking weird abbreviations that I couldn't understand. Eventually we were by the gates again, and I was thrown into Scotch's hands, with Keil laughing at how awkwardly "cute" we were. We were a bit...well, agitated, but it didn't matter as one of the guards walked near Scotch, recognized him, and told him that their city was in danger. With hesitation, Scotch ran straight into Nexaz, wanting to do what he was told for the sake of them having saved me and to please Twix once more."

"Scotch told me to go through the Maha Desert with Keil, and so our little adventure began. It wasn't a long time before we got to the base, but Keil kept spilling her drink and she accidentally tripped me more than twice. But eventually, Keil decided taking the lead, saying that she knew a shortcut, but we got lost very quickly. We ended up walking into an oasis, with a small lake known as Heart Sea, although it really wasn't a sea at all. But what we saw over there was Snicks...and he was collecting some of that water for his evil scheme he spoke earlier of. Keil walked up to him, insulted him a bit, and dipped him into the water by pushing him into it playfully. Snicks immediately rose up from the surface, spat out water, and was going to attack us, but thought better of it and ran away."

"We may have been lost forever if we didn't take up the opportunity of following him. As we did so, Keil spoke of how much of a nerd Snicks is and how rad his plans seemed but he was too short to pull them off. We ended up laughing a bit along the way, and eventually crossed what remained of the Maha Desert back to the base, and we rested. Keil left almost soon afterwards because it was boring inside, and said that she would go and return to selling gasoline. I shivered at the thought of such a careless lady having such a huge mistake for a job, but I shrugged it off and waited for Scotch, who was going to take a while to get back. In the meantime, I played a bit with his dog, Savior, who was getting too old for long adventures like the one I just had..."

  • ?: So when did Daddy return?

"Uhh...well, if only Syande were here..."

  • Scotch: I'll phone 'er. ...Hello Syande? No I'm not selling you my blood again. Wait you're already here? How fast do vampires walk?
  • Syande: I vas just in the other room. I'll take up your offer on finishing that story Oshelia set up.
  • Scotch: I didn't offer anythin-
  • Syande: Doesn't matter.

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Seven (Syande's perspective)

"I happened to be resting in a cave nearby Naxaz...I lived there for the sake of having a faintly lighted shelter and a very strong defense.  I vatched Scotch valk out of thy city very quietly, and he had thy most glum look on his vas thy most serious expression I have ever seen on a sole human being.  His eyes...they gleamed vith fright but a very still look, thy true face of a general showing.  I valked over to him and asked if he needed anything, but he told me simply to go and make sure Oshelia vas all right, but I didn't.  Instead, I offered to escort him over to the base, and he accepted, thankfully.  I looked from his face to his feet, he vas clearly vounded vith vat appeared to be bombings.  Vithout any more hesitation, I started valking with him."

"It has been a very long time since I have done anything vith Scotch that vasn't killing him.  He didn't talk to me, he didn't speak to me, he just kept on marching, aggressively staring ahead.  I thought he might be out of his own control, but I felt like I should keep to my own business.  Ven he got hurt, he didn't care, it vas very obvious by now that his mind vas set on keeping Oshelia safe and by keeping his one and only true love out of thy hands of others like Snicks and thy commander of thy aliens.  Ven ve made it to thy base, I left Scotch there to himself, and vatched as he and she sat together on two chairs, right next to each other.  Aftervards, I made a flight for Hisplit once more."

"Upon arrival, I met Pierce Hazel once more, vho had no look of pleasure or excitement on his face ven he saw me.  He looked very upset, but I could see vhy, as I bit into his head and destroyed his mentality in thy past.  In anger, he valked over to me faster than I expected, then shook me violently for vat I've done, and felt as my energy started draining.  I stopped him however and pushed him aside, then looked at thy being right next to him.  It looked vas a volf of sorts, but it vas also vas snarling at me.  I read something on its collar...Werine.  A dangerous animal at heart.  I panicked as both of them vere rounding up on me, but I stopped them both, and asked vat is exactly thy point of Hisplit.  Pierce glared down at me, then started explaining that Hisplit vas once a part of Zonar, but vas split ven thy Ace Bowl vas created...ah, a depressing time.  A depressing time indeed."

"I told him that Snicks vas after it, he raised an eyebrow and told me to stop him or else my life vould be nothing, and there vould be nothing to look forward to ever again.  I swallowed my breath, then told him that I would go.  I left vith much hesitation, and told him that I might return in thy future."

  • ?: So Aunty, did Pierce ever end up coming with us to help us?

"He never did.  He had his own matters to take care of...but he might be here soon.  And explain thy split personality he has, and vat his matters had to do vith thy adventures of General Scotch and his lackeys. Now if you excuse me...I'll go get breakfast."

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Eight (Scotch's perspective)

"...I guess you had enough of introductions and build ups my child, so let's actually take a leap to my first adventure, not forced, only asked, and done correctly.  Twix woke me up early, and told me to go and venture towards the Mutated Jungle, this time to explore an underground cave to obtain a treasure chest with forbidden items hidden away inside it.  I rose right to the occasion, and just when I was to leave, Oshelia decided to go along with me, and surprisingly we got Mega to join along, who was chilling at the base for a bit.  We left the base and started running towards the jungle once more.  Upon going there, we were met by chilling snake-frog and spider-bird combos, and we were all intimidated...well, besides myself.  Oshelia and Mega definitely kept close behind me though, and attacked anything that might hurt them."

"It wasn't long before we cut into the central part of the jungle, using routes that Snicks cut for himself long before.  When we found a deep, dark hole, we shuddered, then decided to and safely jump into it with a bungee rope.  Of course I held on to the rope so the other two could get down there, but just as I was going to free fall, Snicks came and asked exactly why I was there and what my purpose was.  When I told him about my mission, he simply grinned, then shoved me down the hole, then shouted that his own goals were going well.  I was angered, but Oshelia caught me, breaking my fall.  Amazingly, it wasn't her was a wave of water that she spouted out, which prevented any actual damage.  In pure shock, I just stared at her, but she gestured for all of us to move on, and so we did, moving forth."

"My head hurt a lot despite not having it hit the ground, and I felt myself phasing out, going through the ground at points, and my head got a bunch of strain placed on it.  Oshelia simply wrapped her hand into mine, and pulled me forth as long as I kept walking.  Mega just shrugged, and had his sword over his back, whistling and moving.  What I liked about Mega was he didn't care too much for what was in his way, as he would slide past it and be totally cool about it.  He seemed to bear no mind to the evil that goes on in this world, and will always fight it as long as he has his snarky attitude."

  • ?: Mega was that special?  I never knew!
  • Oshelia: He was always a really cool person.  Too bad we all started treating him as a nerd and his confidence fell and he became quite silent.
  • Snickers: Never had much faith in him.

"Well of course you in particular never had much faith in him, Snicks.  So we kept walking onward like I've said like five times now, and we came across a three-path cave.  Don't know what happened to Mega, but he did come out alive later on, Oshelia took the central path, and I went to the left.  A bunch of rocks fell behind me when I went through the left passage, so I was pretty much stuck with moving forth.  I whistled, knowing Oshelia will be fine, and I started phasing through the ground more, so I was forced to keep myself up and to prevent myself from going anywhere spooky.  Halfway through, there was a light right ahead, and it was racing towards me.  I had no idea what to do, so I just ran towards the light, prepared, when a face got straight into mine and forced me down to the ground and knocked me unconscious."

"What happened next was that I woke up in an unknown land, in a dream like format...everything I felt was surreal.  I looked ahead, then I walked forward, in a dream of sorts...I saw this being with wings, he was pretty bloody looking, and he was crying, yet cackling at the same time.  I poked his head, and he turned to me and embraced me with open arms.  I then knew what I was looking at and talking to, his name was Fandraxono, and he was - and still is - a powerful god that has no sense of pure mentality.  Most of him lies in my heart right now."

"I'd explain more, but Oshelia got the treasure, so uhh...we'll get to that."

  • Oshelia: Honestly, I'm so excited to tell my part!
  • ?: Same!
  • Oshelia: So are you all ready?
  • Snickers: No.
  • Oshelia: ...We didn't ask you.

~ Fin

Chapter Twenty-Nine (Oshelia's perspective)

"So I was walking along the middle passage like Scotch mentioned before, and I was a bit nervous, with all the fancy lighting in the cave from the radiance of the crystals making up the walls, and the fact that I was alone as near overwhelming.  Regardless, I kept on walking, then I started running in a panic, forming water at my feet as if to ride a surfboard across the floor.  There wasn't anything coming after me nor was I chasing anything, I just wanted to get this quickly done so I can leave without question.  At last, I reached the center of the room, and the chest was there.  I quickly put my hand into the in, my hand went right through it.  It was just...I don't know, it might have been a hallucination?  A hologram?  I don't recall, but I was trapped inside, and a dark figure rose out of the ground, grinning."

"I was frozen to the ground!  I backed away quickly as the creature limped towards me, and it was laughing, making a weird clicking sound, and its two black, shadowy arms reached forward and grabbed me by my ankles and dangled me upside down, and it shook me.  I screamed very loudly, which seemed to further fuel the pleasure of the creature, but let me go after a while, almost as if bored, and waited for me to get up again.  I didn't, I just waited there angrily for a rescuer, perhaps someone like Scotch or Mega.  But you wouldn't believe who came to rescue me, although I'll gladly let someone else do that part.  I just fell asleep to hold myself together."

"I had a very frightening nightmare.  Scotch was dead, Mega was hanged, and Snicks was standing over everyone else, laughing in triumph.  That wasn't all, because the dark figure was standing behind him, wings spread out, maniacally laughing its head off, literally. Everywhere around me was another incarnation of Hell, and there was no escape...I found myself walking forward towards the creature, and kissing its hand, and I thanked it weirdly for its hospitality. I don't know what happened in that dream that was supposed to be real, but it was the creature's fault, it entered my mind and took over what made me for the most part. I still waited for any of my friends to come by."

  • ?: So Mommy, who came to rescue you?

"We'll have to dial their number first."

  • Scotch: It's Keil, wasn't it? She saved me back there...
  • Snickers: Oh how could I forget you want me to explain the next bit? It'd save you the trouble of calling that figure.


  • Snickers: All right.
  • ?: Yay!

~ Fin

Chapter Thirty (Snickers' perspective)

"I was sent a distress signal by Scotch, and I just made it back to the base, so I was clearly angered.  Frustrated, I cut through the jungle again, headed down the hole, and sped towards wherever Scotch was.  I eventually came across a dead end, and a light shone from the area I just came out from.  I was immediately paralyzed, and I backed towards a wall, nervous and afraid.  But it turns out, it was just Keil, who apparently followed me down here.  I went up and stroked her back, and she slammed me into the ground.  Well, we ended up looking around together for wherever Scotch might b- er I did, Keil was just blowing bubblegum.  We eventually saw shaking from the middle passage, and decided to start going towards it, and we started throwing rocks behind ourselves.  Before long, we cleared it and moved on forth quickly."

"Oshelia was dealing with a mysterious flashed its eyes towards me.  Upon immediate sight, I realized was Fandraxono, the God of Zaxina, but here of all places?  I swallowed and realized that when Scotch got those dark powers, he also awoke Fandraxono, but fell unconscious before he could absorb the god, quite unfortunately.  I didn't move, but I told Oshelia to run back and free Scotch if possible, then I starred at Fandraxono.  He stared back at me, a huge grin on his face and a menacing, shaking body.  I ran at him, but he teleported out of the way, and laughed at me when my face hit the ground.  I was really mad, and grew flames in my hand, but this was a mistake.  I was not supposed to let anyone - like Keil who was kind of shocked behind me - about my pyrokenesis, but I did."

"I got my pyrokenesis from a burn I got in the Maha Desert, which healed quickly when I was at Oshelia's shoreline...the burn went through my body, and infused with my magic, so I ended up having that happen to me.  I chucked a bit of fire at Fandraxono, who was hit, but he didn't move, nor was he fazed...he took my fire as if it were a bit of water.  I was upset, and it kept laughing at me, but I had no idea what to do, so I started running out of the room, while Keil ran behind me.  But he was much faster than both and appeared in front of me.  Keil then did something that I would always remember her for, it was so unique, so well done, and nothing that I, nor your father, nor your mother, would ever have thought of in the timelines of our fairly miserable and poorly executed excuses for lives..."

"Keil made a funny face at it, getting the god to laugh, and we used the opportunity to escape.  Whenever he got close, Keil made a hilarious face, sticking her tongue out, moving her eyeballs from side to side, and the like.  Regardless, we quickly caught up to Oshelia who was holding Scotch's limped, but very darkened body...the god got close once again, but too close for Keil to react.  It bounced up, then absorbed itself into Scotch's body.  And this is where things got like Philidephia, but even more shi-"

  • Oshelia: Not in front of the child.

"Oh all right.  Your Charmine child is kind of too dumb to know anyway."

  • Charmine: H-hey!
  • Scotch: Let's take a rest for now.  That was the first part of our saga.

"Sounds fair enough to me."

  • Oshelia: And this is where the adventure begins.
  • Syande: Firm and strong...

~ Fin

Chapter Thirty-One (Scotch's perspective)

  • Charmine: So what happened next, daddy?
  • Oshelia: I'm curious too...what happened?

"I don't really know what happened after those events, nor do I know how we got out, nor do I know if the others were all right at the time. I woke up in the base, with the others standing around me whilst I was lying down on the floor. I looked up at all of them with some form of hatred, I mean, I wasn't doing that on purpose but there was this glint inside me that made me feel strange and out of control, but I kept myself away from the others, neglecting today's duties. Admiral Twix wasn't in the slightest impressed but he knew that this wasn't going as well as he would have hoped."

"Oshelia was kind of frightened, looking at me turned away from the rest. I felt like there was some huge volume of laughter inside me. That God...he absorbed himself into me, and I can feel the hate surging through my body like mad. It made me feel strange and different. I hated Twix. I hated Savior. I even hated your mother at the time. I didn't dare outburst these feelings because they were not true, they were mirages formed by this rather stupid creature inside."

"I rushed outside and started heading out in a random direction. The others attempted catching up to me, but I was blinded...I wasn't running alone, that God was propelling me...I don't know what direction I was heading in, but everything was about to make a turn for the worst, and it was all going to make a mess for my friends. I tossed myself into a field of thorny bushes and vines, and got myself stuck. I couldn't get out, and I was absorbed into a field...and into a new place. But I was pricked so hard that I didn't want to continue on much further and so I just lied there and slept."

  • Oshelia: ...O-oh.
  • Charmine: ...Uhh...are you okay Daddy?

"Not back then. Snickers you tell the family what happened when I was gone."

~ Fin

Chapter Thirty-Two (Snickers' perspective)

"We were all worried for Scotch, except me of course, I was all too cool to care back then.  We didn't follow him for much longer, besides Oshelia, who kept running to find Scotch.  That cursed demon...what a twist!  I couldn't believe he absorbed himself into my own brother!  Nevertheless, I laughed cruelly and loudly, and called poor Scotch a screwed kid, much to the anger of the others.  Well, Mega didn't seem to mind as much but whatever.  Eventually, the others told me to stop being such an idiot and actually go out and find your father, and so I went!  People back then were forcing me to try and do all these things, but it's just so hard to do when you're enjoying the pure sight of it all."

"Anyway, I quickly followed Scotch, pushed Oshelia out of the way, and continued searching for him.  I felt a bit of fear myself...if he was dead, I would be the one to blame!  I kept looking up, down, and all around, and even through the city I went, not finding a trace of his soul.  At some point I came back to the others and told him that the dude went missing and that we all have to find him.  I felt a bunch of concern, but at the same time not really.  Remember that geezer over there said I used to be good?  I was, and I felt that childhood aroma slashing through me.  It didn't really do much but persuade me to keep looking."

"We called it a night and eventually slept on the ground, as we're too far away to make it back at Twix's base in one piece without Scotch's assistance.  Even though I was strong, I didn't want to risk any injuries as the others were too good at hurting themselves, and they still are.  Through the night, the others managed to sleep, but I was kept awake all night...I kept hearing the yells of Scotch, they were definitely coming from somewhere, and they were making it extremely challenging for me to sleep.  I got a gun and ditched the others, determined to get my brother back.  Oshelia just tossed in her sleep like a poor loser."

"It didn't take long before I found the same bushes Scotch was snarled in, but he wasn't the only one in them...there were two others.  One was that wretched God, laughing his arse off, then there was...Syande.  She must have got ahold of Scotch's yelling and chased after him.  She seemd to be fighting the God, but not to much advantage.  The three of us worked together to move Scotch's body to remove the God, but we seemed to be quite in a the distance, I saw a pack of hungry wolves, sleeping soundly.  If we fricked up, they would come affter us.  What would we do?  How would we remove the God from my stupid brother's body in the nick of time?  It was such a confusing mess, and those wolves were existing, right there!"

  • Oshelia: ...That happened?
  • Scotch: Yeah.  It did.
  • Charmine: T-that sounds scary!

"You'd be surprised if you were in a situation like this, kid.  Eventually, I yelled and woke up the wolves, 'cause I had a plan.  Does Fandraxono have...emotions or something?  Or at least, did he?  Because when I made that piercing yell, he stopped laughing quietly and froze still, and allowed us to shake him out of the body.  The wolves came snarling after us, and I decided to do a heroic act: fight them off, and I told Syande to deliver Scotch to my friends.  You don't need to know what happened between I and the wolves.  I killed them is the short story."

~ Fin


  • .snickedge (everything so far; every perspective so far)


  • Neon the Spelunker ~ The creation and development of Oshelia and Brook (and to an extent; Clair in Split Personality)
  • Kirbymariomega ~ The creation of Mega
  • Atomic1upchickia ~ The creation and development of Keil
  • Indigo HyperFire ~ The original concept of General Snickers and Sam (Ordinary Mailman)
  • Anonymous offline person ~ Inspiration for Syande's personality


  • General's Journey was originally a game for the Wii U platform.  However development went slowly and it couldn't meet the deadline, therefore canceling it.
  • General's Journey used to be written as a present tense story, but was moved to past tense in a reboot, also to get the other writers of General's Journey more involved into making the past.
  • The fiction (and its series as a whole) follows up towards the events of Split Personality, whereas the General's Journey characters and settings have minor roles.  Pierce Hazel makes an appearance in this fiction in terms of flashbacks.
  • The fiction has been adapted into a film and into a comic book series, further boosting its acknowledgement around the world.
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