General's Station is the hub world for the eternity of General's Journey and its sequels, being the home of General Scotch and his crew.  The station is a foldable floor complete with walls and ceiling that can be set up in different ways, and comes in various parts, opened up when the gang either needs a definite home or shelter.  The Station when opened up is not very large, but it's big enough to have a max capacity of sixteen people.  The Station can support an attic and basement with its additional parts.


The creator of the Station is unknown, but Admiral Twix has given the parts to Scotch, making the assumption that he made it himself.  It is probable that an unknown company made it however, but the true facts have yet to be revealed to the general public.


A max capacity of ten small rooms can be made, although the space can be used instead to make one huge room.  In any case, the way Scotch designs it makes sure that it always has a bathroom of sorts, a dining space, and enough bedrooms, using the extra rooms for usually spare parts.  The presumed "toilet" in the bathroom is a bucket with a toilet seat attached to steel rods hanging over it.  The waste is dumped outside.


The material of the station seems to be made out of steel, wood, and iron, with thick carpets and foldable furnature being included in the package.  There are plenty of foldable tables, desks, and lamps as well.  There is a stock of solar panels that can be used to catch the rays of the sun as well as the moon.