General's War is the successor to General's Journey, taking place in the next generation, focusing on Charmine and Alex whom continue helping fighting the Zonar War against Commander Alien and a progressively evil General Snickers. More will be revealed in 2017.


I am one without passion.  My voice is the only one that guides me, and my parents cannot control where I go, what I do, and what I wish to do with my life.  My name is...Charmine.  I am a unique child...I was born with the powers of my absent minded father, and I awakened with the powers of ventriloquism and no one could stop my obsession with the ability. My mom couldn't put me to sleep, my dad couldn't make me laugh. I am neutral to everything within the lines...but here, you get to see how that all changes, and how I get to become a general myself...even if not by official meanings.

~ Charmine


  • General's War was originally planned as a fighting game, but much like its predecessor, it was just turned into a fiction.
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