The enemy never prevails if you believe in yourself well enough...
General Scotch
General Scotch
Scotch by neon
Concept artwork for General Scotch by Neon the Spelunker.
Current Age 16
Date of Birth Nov. 11 1998
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peaceful City
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Umbra Blade
Element(s) Darkness
First Appearance General's Jounrey
Voice Actor(s)
Greg Graffin

General Butterscotch Cornbread Caramel, or simply just "General Scotch" or "Scotch", is the main protagonist in the General's Journey fiction. As his name implies, he is a war general, serving in the military to fight. With a heart of iron, he is desperate to help his relatively few friends piece together the planet. His girlfriend is Oshelia.



General's Journey

The story titled General's Journey marks the debut of General Scotch overall as a character. The story tells many of his previous battles and life events from his point of view.

Non Canon

General's March

General's March obviously stars the general himself, and he is the only character whom is default.  He is a mixture of stats and is a perfect all around character, even having a balance of styles although the game marks him as "Melee".

Lavender Scuffle

Scotch appears as one of this game's various characters.


See this for more information.

Physical Description

General Scotch is a sixteen year old with a generally bulky appearance, often seen wearing a grey shirt with blue pants and large brown boots. Scotch often wears a grey, spiked hat with a green lining as well as a brown backpack that's about as large as his chest. Running down the sides of Scotch's face is long, brown (sometimes black) hair often kept into curls.

What Scotch wears is usually varying from time to time. While his appearance described in the above paragraph and its accompanying picture is how he usually looks, that is only his military clothing and his normal clothing is much different. While a picture is not yet available, Scotch usually wears a yellow shirt with brown shorts as well as blue sneakers. His hat is usually not present, either.

Either way, General Scotch does not have a realistic human appearance, he appears more as a cartoon character judging by the way he's been drawn out for the various projects he's a part of. The cartoon character was developed originally by Crimson who wanted to reference politic cartoons.


General Scotch is a generally kind person who has a heart of gold, helping others when in trouble.  Sometimes, he can be serious, forming wars when necessary and taking things with the right eye.  His mind is not the greatest, but he can solve small puzzles very quickly, convenient for his team.  He happens to be nervous around many people, exceptions being Oshelia, Mega, his brother Snickers, and the army he's affiliated with.

Despite his heart being on the right track most of the time, it can prove to be one of steel and he can easily be ignorant of others when they need help. If they break through to his mind and catch his attention, he'll rush to their aid but Scotch cannot easily hear cries for help if they don't sound serious. Scotch can prove to be a heartbreaker as well and easily bring others to tears, but this is not intentional most of the time and he always tries to make up for it afterwards, usually failing.

Scotch is generally not fond of gore, and becomes quite nervous or timid upon seeing any.  His personality falls apart and is replaced by a new one: fear and anxiety.  Until the image of gore disappears from Scotch's head, he becomes much more vulnerable and is much easier to startle.  Not even his closest friends can break through his fear easily.


Scotch as mentioned before is a military general, so he'd be ready with many weapons at his disposal.  His signature weapon, the Umbra Blade, is extremely sharp and is capable of slicing through boulders as well as door locks.  Despite his bulky body structure he is rather quick to move and can jump somewhat higher than most humans. Scotch's intelligence isn't exactly very high but he can solve most if not all basic problems that come his way.

Despite this, his defense is easy to shatter and he is not flexible at all, meaning that he can't stretch his body really well. He has an inability to fight one of the opposite gender just because he finds it incredibly rude to do so, although he will do it in the most crucial of situations. General Scotch has many inner wounds and can severely hinder his ability to battle if pain reaches said areas. While Scotch's movements can be quite fast, he can easily tire out from sprinting.

Scotch is a wielder of dark powers, said to be obtained from the Dark Gem that he touched early on in General's Journey. While Scotch has yet to explore these powers to their full potential, he is capable of inflecting hallucinations and repeating awful flashbacks upon striking one with his Umbra Blade. The powers also store up in his hands, but what Scotch can do with the darkness stored within his hands has yet to be known.

Relationships with Other Characters



General Scotch and Mega don't always meet eye to eye on things. While General Scotch is stern and rather cold hearted, Mega is light hearted and usually friendly. The heavily contrasting relationships often bring them to disputes. Scotch often sees Mega as clumsy and not very reliable whilst Mega finds Scotch too stern and too serious.

However, outside their constant bickering, the two are great friends and will always help each other in times of crisis. Scotch is very fond of his storm powers and finds them very beneficial in battles.


Just like with Mega, General Scotch and Keil don't always meet eye to eye. But unlike Mega, Keil doesn't fight with Scotch, only ignoring him instead. General Scotch views her as incredibly dangerous and difficult to control but her key importance to an unexplained mystery means that Scotch cannot let go of her existence as a team member, which slightly upsets him.

General Syande

The two rarely see each other, but when they do, they almost always get along very quickly.  While she teases Scotch's size, she admires his braveness and often says that Snickers is the inferior brother when she compares Scotch and the aforementioned general.  Unlike Snickers, she has great worrying issues when Scotch is hurt and always comes to his aid, making their sibling relationship ever stronger.


While the two don't always get along, Deathine and Scotch seem to be on perfectly fine terms, although the latter is disgusted of her evil.  They're actually very good at fighting together.


Scotch and Savior were really good pals since the beginning.  Whilst most of their relationship as friends are unknown, their relationship is best acknowledged at the beginning of General's Journey.  Savior has proven to be a very loyal dog before his retirement and death, and appears often in flashbacks.


Scotch and Pierce don't really get along due to their different goals and ideas.  They've proven to be very rival like against one another.  However they will fight together when necessary...


Commander Alien

Commander Alien is responsible for the mischief behind the events of General's Journey, and General Scotch has every reason to hate his guts.  Scotch is almost always seen using the most advanced of his weapons against this alien.  Commander despises Scotch as well and always attempts to dispose of him.

General Snickers

Scotch and Snickers have very sour relationship.  While they were friends in the past, the magic that Snickers learned in his time of being abducted took over his personality, and he started being very rude and sarcastic to Scotch, and started not caring about the beings around him, leaving Scotch to disrespect him and wish for his older self.

Love Interests


The two are great friends ever since the two met up at Twix's base. While their friendship is a bit strange due to their bouncing personalities, Scotch trusts her sincerely especially when compared to the other two members. Scotch is in love with Oshelia but has no idea when to ask her out and where to.



  • He was supposed to be named after the candy, butterscotch, not the alcoholic beverage.  snicks did not know when naming him that such a beverage ever existed.
    • To reflect off the author's mistake, Scotch is often seen breaking bottle after bottle of scotch that Snickers owns whenever the latter's on his free time.
  • Originally, his series was meant to be a very long story consisting of four hundred chapters.  However, it was split into several arcs, and many more characters have been introduced, and the story has received an overhaul!
  • Scotch was originally going to have no girlfriend whatsoever, or even a team, but ever since Neon the Spelunker aided in development, both of those were accomplished.
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