So why exactly are you always trying to keep on with your goals? Have you thought about how meaningless your goals are? accomplish nothing by doing what the admiral tells you. Why not go on your own path? You might accomplish something, but of course, you're too naïve to bother making such moves...
General Snickers
General Snickers
Snickers by neon
General Snickers by Neon
Current Age 17
Date of Birth July 17th, 1998
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peaceful City
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Firearms
Element(s) Fire / Magic
First Appearance General's Journey
Voice Actor(s)
Patrick Stump

General Snickers Hershey Caramel, or simply just "General Snickers" or "Snickers", is the anti hero and probable main antagonist of General's Journey and rivals his brother General Scotch. Snickers is always depicted as one step ahead of Scotch and as such depicted as the better of the duo, although this is false as Snickers sometimes takes a side that isn't that of heroes.



General's Journey

General Snickers debuts in this fiction as the rival and brother to General Scotch. While he does join his younger brother later on, he can prove to be a pain to travel with. Luckily for Scotch, Keil balances Snickers' personality and prevents him from getting too malevolent for his own good.

Non Canon

General's March

General Snickers appears as both an antagonist and a playable character, being unlocked after defeating him in Mysterious Grotto.  He is of the power class, and is based upon ranged combat.  His speed is lacking, despite great offense.

Lavender Scuffle

Snickers appears as one of this game's various characters.


See here for more information.

Physical Description

General Snickers has a similar body build to Scotch and wears similar clothes to him, only with pink on his cap rather than green and has black curly hair to rival with Scotch's chocolate colored hair. Snickers is often seen as quite a ways taller than Scotch.


General Snickers shares many of Scotch's abilities, but improves on them heavily. He can flex easily and he has a higher defense when compared to his brother, and is capable of fighting anyone and has almost no injuries that hinder his battling abilities. He is slower than his brother, however.

Snickers has fire powers which differ from Scotch's powers. He can use the powers of fire to exceed his speed and can also use his fire to scorch his foes' memories. He can create fire as defense, offense, etc. His fire abilities' origins are for the moment unknown.

Snickers also wields powers of magic. His house - the only house surviving out of the main characters' - is powered and lifted up into the air by Snickers' powers, having many extraordinary events happen inside it. Much of Snickers' magic powers are unknown as he rarely uses that power.

Due to a neck infection received in General's War, he lost the ability to breathe properly, and received a life support system from Commander Alien whom almost killed him.  The system gathers oxygen for Snickers, more than most humans actually, and takes out the carbon dioxide. Without the support, Snickers would cripple and die, and he would become several times weaker.


General Snickers is ruthless, powerful, and a sarcastic "idiot" as General Scotch himself would put it. He will never end a fight until he wins, with relatively few exceptions. His increasingly rising temptation to overthrow Scotch as the main general has always pushed his anger to high limits, making him a dangerous foe.

Despite his high tempered attitude and cocky ways to stay ahead of Scotch, he completely falls to his supposed girlfriend, Keil. There is absolutely no way for him to overpower Keil and she will always defeat him no matter what he happens to be armed with. It's not like he wants to kill Keil to begin with - it's evident that he loves her.

Relationships with Other Characters



Strangely, the two act as pretty good friends.  None of them are malevolent towards each other, and respect each other, although Snickers will occasionally drop the common insult of "wimp".

Admiral Twix

While the two don't always get along or see eye to eye, Snickers respect Twix's intelligence for leading the army and for fighting the alien side that Snickers himself so happens to be part of.  However, he is completely disgusted at the admiral's choice for Scotch as the leading General.


General Scotch

General Snickers despises his own brother immensely and wishes to replace him as the main general as Snickers claims himself to be the more responsible and more powerful brother and can handle the job much smoother, despite his evildoings in the past.

General Syande

General Snickers is generally afraid of his own sister whom always teases him, insults him, and overall makes him look like a lazy slouch.  She severely disapproves of his cruelty to Scotch and will often punish him if she catches him hurting his brother in any way.  Out of all the people Syande heals, she has never healed Snickers unless it's absolutely necessary, which somewhat breaks his heart. 

Commander Alien

Snickers and Alien have a bitter relationship with each other, although Alien motivates Snickers' actions, although he only does them out of his own reasons. Snickers heavily despises Commander Alien despite the being's knowledge and plans to overtake his alien army.

Love Interests


Snickers has an enormous crush on Keil and refuses to let anyone else touch her, not even either of her hands. He will always defend her and almost never fight her unless she is standing in the way to achieve total control of Admiral Twix's army.



  • General Snickers was originally developed by snicks' brother, Indigo HyperFire, but was taken over by the manager anyway.
  • As of General's War, not counting the old events of Ordinary Mailman, Snickers is the only antagonist to not be an adult of sorts.  He can't even be considered a young adult, as he's only seventeen.
  • Snickers is the only character to not have one phobia of any sorts, although ironically enough he's the only character to have two.  These are of people dominating over him and wolves.
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