If you ever dare impede my friends vith your pathetic army, I shall make it that thy next time that you see me and my pretty face, that day...vill be your last.
General Syande
General Syande
Syande by neon
Concept art for General Syande by Neon.
Current Age 19
Date of Birth March 27th; 1996
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Location Crystal Grotto
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Mind Shredder
Element(s) None
First Appearance General's Jounrey
General Scotch


General Syande Sassface Caramel, or simply just "General Syande", is the sole sister of General Scotch and her brother as well as an uncommon character in the fiction. She is a vampire - and one of the very few - to appear in the galaxy of Zonar, and is considered as a threat to the aliens prominent in the story due to her rich blood content, which is warm enough to seep through their skins.



General's Journey

This story introduces Syande in the first Chapter, but introduces the character itself in the fourth Chapter. Her origins, her reasons, and her vampire story originate from this fiction alone.

Non Canon

General's March

General Syande appears as a mixed ability character.  She is amazing in the air, and specializes in melee based combat.  By recruiting her with Scotch, you can play as her.  She can be unlocked at the earliest by talking to her back home after you finish Pumpkin Village.

Lavender Scuffle

Syande appears as one of this game's various characters.


See this for more information.

Physical Description

General Syande is an adult character with a tan skin tone and two eyes of different colors. Her right eye, always visible, is blue whilst her rarely seen left eye is red, and intimidates all those who gain the slightest glimpse of it. Long white hair spreads down her backside and a large tuft of it covers the red eye. Her hat is very similar to Scotch's, but the bottom is yellow rather than green and splits two different ways.

Her shirt is almost always a white color with black and red diamond shapes taking up the central part of it. Her skirt is a pink color, same with her jester like shoes. A mirror hangs from her golden necklace.

When she turns into a vampire, her eyes go from blue and red to red and black, and her hair turns a solid black. Her skin turns extremely pale and four fangs sprout from her mouth as well. Two dark crimson wings spread from her back, enabling her to fly, and her clothing becomes much darker in appearance. She also gains a few inches in height.


General Syande appears to be varied in personality, usually being gentle and nice and somewhat lacking of intelligence. She comes off as friendly, even to her enemies (unless they're being outright ridiculous). However, her mood is easy to switch, thus making her easy to surprise, easy to anger, and the like. Syande is very into hugging and often greets people - including strangers - by hugging them first.

As a vampire, she remains mostly the same, although she leans towards the more serious side and gains an urge to bite the necks of those who are near her, making her dangerous to talk to. She often turns her "W"'s into "V"'s when she talks whilst in this form.


General Syande is unique when compared to the rest of the team due to her vampire like traits. When not a vampire, she's rather weak but can sometimes spread out her wings and fly (weakly) with them. Her physical strength is very limited alongside her speed, and it is ridiculously easy to defeat her in combat. She can only depend on her weapon; the Mind Shredder, which is a set of three blades put into one that can damage the mind and healing process of whomever it attacks, earning it its name.

As a vampire, she is much more difficult to take on. Her intimidation comes now from her threatening physical appearance, and her speed beats anyone else on the team. Due to her high speed, she can catch others easily, then suck up their blood once she cuts her teeth into their neck. To be a vampire however, she must be without any light, and sunlight damages Syande, requiring something not bright to revert her back to her normal form.

Relationships with Other Characters


General Scotch

She isn't very familiar with her youngest sibling, but she always treats him with a level of respect.  Whenever Snickers gets close to harming him in any way, or manages to actually do so, she gets all defensive of Scotch and will attempt getting Snickers punished in any form.


Neither talk much to each other, but they seem to be on friendly grounds.


Commander Alien

Ever since Commander Alien has caused a huge amount of disruption to her home city by crushing it with his army, Syande has grown a pure hatred of him ever since.  Whenever she gets the chance, she'll fight him by herself, usually losing.

General Snickers

She has a complete distaste for Snickers ever since he let Commander Alien destroy her home city.  Whenever Snicks is around, she tends to get real cross.

Love Interests


Syande has a love interest in Brook, and is always defensive of him.  While they have their occasional dispute, Syande will never hesitate to put the past behind her just to be friends with him.



  • Syande's name is the only one out of the three generals that isn't the name of any type of candy.  Despite this, her name still begins with an "S".
  • General Syande, despite having wings, is not a wind elemental.
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