Gimmer Mace
User(s) Captain Glimmer
Type Melee
Element None
Creator Glimmer Crew
Material resources Stone
First appearance Gangplank Crew

Glimmer Mace is the signature weapon of Captain Glimmer and is a stone mace. It is used heavily in battle, especially against the crew of Captain Salty.


The Glimmer Mace is used to slam into the heads or backs of opponents to severely wound them. The spikes can really hurt someone.  The mace can be swung in several ways, although when swung vertically, it deals the most output damage.


The Glimmer Mace is a dark grey, stone weapon with a chain holding it together. The chain was previously made out of stone like the mace itself, but it was replaced with metal later on when the stone chain broke off.


The creator of the mace is one of the various members of the Glimmer Crew, although no one really knows who. The only thing that is really known is that the creator was experienced with stones.