Hell is the followup to Black Scorpion, although none of it is clearly known yet other than the fact that all recurring protagonists and antagonists return (yet again; those like Maddison and [[Odell], and the fact that it will be the final event that Hisplit will ever see before exploding.  2018 seems to be the time where there will be more information, after Black Scorpion gets finished.

Just like with its sequels, it is written in the form of a roleplay by the same two people, although it is unknown if more people will be involved in writing it all out.



  • Hell is the primary location of this story, hence the name.
  • Despite being a sequel to Black Scorpion, there are no related locations to it.
  • Hell is the only sub plot of the General's Journey timeline overall to have signifigance over a mainstream title; in this case, General's Assault.
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