Current Age 18
Date of Birth December 13th
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Previously Hynau
Align Hero-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Nature
Height 6'00"
Weight 53 lbs
First Appearance Lurking in the Dark

Hene is one of the characters presented in the SyiFi universe, and is a major character. Like her friends, she is a live scarecrow.


Lurking in the Dark

Hene appears as the main antagonist of Lurking in the Dark, antagonizing Syi until the very end when she defeated her. After being defeated, Hene joined Syi on her adventures that didn't exactly have a meaning then.

Frozen Up


Physical Appearance

Hene is a tall scarecrow, somewhat taller than Syi, sporting red hair tied up into pigtails, her eyes a gleaming and shining black. Her skin color is dark brown, matching up with the wood that makes up her withered arms and legs. Her hands are shiny due to Hene keeping them almost always clean. She wears a white bathrobe.


Hene has the ability to use her roots to grab onto ledges and swing up to them, or swing around suspended bars in the air using the same roots. She can also use these roots to attack foes, but unlike Syi's they're rather fragile for being used in quick succession.


Hene generally acts very kind, yet at times dark and somewhat cruel, but never to her friends. When hanging around others, she tends to be quite flirty to everyone, but if a crisis is at hand, she usually keeps silent. If facing up against a foe, she becomes offensive and uses the best of her insults library, which isn't big at all.



Hene and Syi originally had a really odd relationship due to events of Lurking in the Dark whereas Hene acted very flirty and dark, and left Syi to feel uncomfortable. Upon her defeat however, she befriended Syi as she had no other choice, and was turned into a scarecrow. As of Frozen Up, the two are girlfriends and powerful allies.


Hene and May never talked to each other much, but Hene has proven to care for her when she went missing and was subsequently killed by the Scarecrow Kid in Frozen Up.



  • Hene's original name was Claie, but was changed to avoid confusion with a Split Personality character; Clair.