Hisplit is one of two important galaxies in the General's Journey timeline, the other being Zonar.  It is one of the few galaxies of Zaxina, and is the main location for the events of Split Personality.  Hisplit is best described as a crazy place, with multiple weird events zoning out the normal ones, and the truth of reality being twisted around and around.


Split Personality

Hisplit plays a vital role in Split Personality as the main location, being very unstable due to the just as unstable God named Fandraxono being knocked out of power. It is up for Pierce to prevent Hisplit from destroying itself.

Lurking in the Dark

Syi ventures through the town of Hynau, a major city in Hisplit, for a short amount of time. Lurking in the Dark reveals a heaven in Hisplit, revealing that not all of the world there is bad.


  • Hisplit's name actually originates from the character of Pierce Hazel; it refers to his split mind and how high everyone seems to be.