Judgement Day is the followup to General's Assault, and is the final entry overall.  All else is truly unknown, besides the fact that 2018 might be its release.


Everything has gone so wrong.  Hell has been unleashed upon the planet, and the eternity of Hisplit is gone.  Zonar is in deep trouble, and I am by myself in a dark, empty void, not even the likes of my brother Snickers are around.  Fandraxono is creeping up and over this world, and everything outside is falling into absolute terror.  Out of everything that is alive in this massive illusion, it's just me and the corrupted deity.  I must fight the good fight and block the God from escaping...and if I don't, the God will unleash its hell upon the colorful, beautiful world outside.  And I do not want anyone to suffer, especially not my own children, not my wife, not anything...even when I'm in my fifties, I must continue the goals I've had since I was young; to kill the meaning of war.

~ General Scotch


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