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General's March
Magma Ruins

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Shiver Temple is an exclusive location to General's March, serving as the ninth level overall, succeeding Mysterious Grotto.  Many fragile stones make up the ground of this moderate sized level.  Much like Shiver Temple, there is a skateboarding section, although it's placed at the very end of the level rather at the very beginning.


General's March

This level is decently long, and is set up on fragile stones which form the ground for the player to stand on.  Many skeleton inspired enemies fill the level, and they hide in the puzzle structure of the level, usually well hidden from sight.  They almost always attempt ambushing the player when they look lost or confused.


  • Magma Ruins only has one instrument in its music; the timpani.  It's intended to give the place a more "enchanted" feeling.
General's March Stages
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