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General's March
Maha Desert

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Maha Desert is a blazing desert located not far off from the General's Base, being a fair ways away from Chaotic City. It is an important location, being one of the three Desolation Desert, holding grains valuable enough to be made into bombs.


General's Journey

Maha Desert is seen as a connecting point to the other regions, specifically Scotch's home and Chaotic City, having connections to the Mutated Jungle as well.  The Maha Desert houses a lot of materials that are used to build up a bomb being constructed by Snickers.

General's March

Maha Desert follows Chaotic City, being the second stage. The heat of the sun serves as a major obstacle and damages the player if they don't find shade soon enough. It leads up into Perilous Shoreline, the third level.


  • Maha Desert's name reflects that of the "laugh" related name locations of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
  • Maha Desert is located near the equator of the Zonar continent, explaining its high heat.
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