So what if you wanted to become an administrator of the wiki, or even just a chat moderator?  This is the place to request such submissions!  No bureaucrat rights requesting allowed.

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Rules before nominating

Chat Mod

  • You must have appeared in chat plenty of times to nominate yourself for chat moderator, and to have been in chat recently.
  • You must not have been blocked or banned within the last month.

Thread Mod

  • You must have participated in the forums and have dedicated at least 200 of your edits to them.
  • You must not have abused the thread system before.


  • You must have at least five hundred edits before nominating yourself for administrator.
  • If you are currently a moderator of sorts, you must not have abused your powers for the past two months.

How to nominate yourself!

To nominate yourself for any of these positions, just add your username to the end of "User:" in any of the following! Be sure you fill in the right white box for the right field.

Administrator Requesting

Chat Mod Requesting

Thread Mod Requesting

Current Power Positions