Here are the rules of the General's Journey wiki.  Please read them before you do anything on this wiki.  Thanks!

  1. Do not copy pages from another wiki unless they relate to this wiki itself.
  2. Make sure most of everything relates to the wiki, as far as pages go.
  3. No pornography or gore pictures.
  4. Please do not spam, flame, or troll on this wiki.
  5. Uses of discrimination result in long bans.  Harassment and intimidation also should not be used.
  6. Do NOT use derogatory terms, triggers, or phobias that may make others uncomfortable.  Also, please do not tell people to suicide.
  7. Do not sockpuppet.  Sockpuppets are alternative accounts for users, usually to ban evade or to start over with the community.  You will be blocked for a month if you are caught sockpuppeting, and your sockpuppet will be banned for an indefinite time.
  8. Attempt to limit your swearing cap.  Try not to go beyond "ass", "crap", "damn" and "piss", although you don't necessarily have to follow this.

Regarding characters:

  1. Don't use names of other characters.  If you want to know if one hasn't already been used, ask .snickedge.
  2. Do not make a character based on an existing one.