Mind Weaver
User(s) Silver
Type Melee and Ranged
Element Unknown
Creator Silver
Material resources Naxaz
First appearance General's Journey

Mind Weaver is the signature weapon of Silver, being his main offense weapon in battle. As a weapon, it is unique due to the ability to be both used physically and specially.


The Mind Weaver is usually used to manipulate foes with waves of energy, although its energy slits can also spew elemental powers to be used offensively, or the claws of the weapon can be used to scratch others with raw power. Because of this, the weapon is a multi purpose one.


The Mind Weaver is a long stick with a long slit halfway up that spews out waves of energy, usually in the form of an element or emotion that Silver sets his mind to. Four claws sit at the end of the weapon. The weapon has a dark red and black color scheme.


The Mind Weaver has been created by Silver, who uses the weapon. The materials used to make the weapon came from Naxaz, although the power within is unexplained.