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General's March
Mutated Jungle

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Perilous Shoreline is a location of General's Journey, being rarely seen, forming a shortcut from Scotch's home to Oshelia's Shoreline. Piranhas lurk the waters and attempt to bite intruders and force them out.


General's Journey

Mutated Jungle is a major location in the storyline, often used to get to Oshelia's Shoreline or to get to Pumpkin Village for supplies.

General's March

Mutated Jungle is the fourth stage, following Perilous Shoreline and preceding Pumpkin Village. It has moderate difficulty and is filled to the brim with dangerous creatures like snakes and alligators.  Keil serves as the level's boss.


  • The Mutated Jungle was originally going to be where Snickers lived, but this was changed.
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