Nature Warrior is a side story to General's Journey, being more so hidden in the backstory of Oshelia's family, but on its own it is a semi serious fiction starring Crymsia and her friends. More will be revealed as time marches on.


Greetings.  My name is Crymsia, the warrior of nature, and the last princess of the Floral Kingdom.  I fight for my land to take it back from my enemies, and I join up with several neat people along the way, including people like Strike, Penny, and such that you will hear about later.  I am quite proud of my status as a princess and protect it with all my heart!  Foes however, including the deadly Nightshade and the mysterious Ateque, attempt taking away my status and receiving my fortune of wealth, and I need more than myself to keep me on guard.  Stand by for perhaps the strangest story to unfold yet.

~ Crymsia


  • Nature Warrior was originally developed as a series on the Zolaran Archives in the form of a Russian anime, and featured an incredible amount of characters.  Due to a death of popularity on that wiki and the fact that the creator was tired of the wiki's amazingly terrible structure and reliance on Ask Me Anything threads, Nature Warrior was moved here instead.
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