Naxaz is one of the most well known locations of the storyline, and is the primary setting for Ordinary Mailman, Nature Warrior and Eau Search, as well as Ordinary Mailman's sequel; Dark Age. It is the birthplace for several important characters, including Chip of General's Journey and Needles of Eau Search. Naxaz is known for being a crossover point because of that.


Ordinary Mailman

Naxaz is the primary location for Frink's mail delivering, and unlike the stories of Naxaz that follow, the city is very filthy and a lot of things seem to be under construction, allowing for Frink to do reckless driving.

General's Journey

Naxaz appears as a high guarded city of cleanliness and is where Oshelia was hospitalized. Later on, the group visits here after Commander Alien attacks the location without any given warnings.

Eau Search

Naxaz appears as an especially important location, housing important characters like Valerie and Needles, the latter of which joins Oshelia on her travels. The city is revealed to be like that of a normal city, unlike its city sibling, Peaceful City, which is under much chaos.

Nature Warrior

Naxaz appears as the primary location of Nature Warrior, housing the villains Univel and Nightshade, who attempt killing Crymsia on her travels. It also houses Zie, another important character to the story.

Important Inhabitants

Inhabitants of the past are marked in italics.


  • Naxaz was originally a location in the old Zolaran Archives' Nature Warrior, being known as Zaxen at the time. However, upon a move from that wiki, the city was renamed and remade.