Current Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Height 3'09"
Weight 139 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior (ft. General's Journey)

Nightshade is the main antagonist of the Nature Warrior subplot, being a mage with the sole purpose of wanting to kidnap Crymsia for his own goals and purposes. Due to his importance as a character in Nature Warrior, he also sports a very minor role in General's Journey and its sequels, including Judgement Day.



Nature Warrior

Nightshade stars as the main antagonist, always attempting to kidnap Crymsia to achieve her fortune and steal her life's values.

Non Canon

Lavender Scuffle

Nightshade appears as one of this game's various characters.


Nightshade is a short, dark toned mage. His eyes alternate between the shades of olive green and silvery gray, and his face is almost always forced into a malicious grin, the hair atop him being black and wild, flowing down the backside of his head, covered up by a pomegranate amice, which is littered with Greek symbols on the outside. Despite minuscule height, he has a lingering left arm, wrapped in what seems to be sports tape. His right arm is missing, leaving him with a "single" hand. The clothing of Nightshade is not to be seen, as all of it is covered by a dark, ominous cloak with a color identical to the amice; pomegranate. The cloak sports three symbols on the left side, displaying a circle, triangle, and square. Lastly, his fingers and toes are long and keen, and his hands have yellow, ghastly eyeballs in their palms, meant to detect the targeted victims of the mage.


Nightshade is mostly capable of building machines and using tools to march forward with his goals. All of his machines sport monochrome colors with hints of red for simplicity reasons, and most of them have a way or two to capture the floral princess. While his mechanic talent does not match that of his magic talent, it's certainly formidable.

His main ability is held in magic, and he can fire multi color spells of different elements to confuse his opponents about his fighting style. The magic, while usually used as an offense, can also be used create a dark, thin shield and can be used to heal himself. His long, left arm has a very long reach and can move very quickly, allowing it to just about replace the missing right arm.


Nightshade is very malevolent and is almost always seen attacking other people for pleasure or to settle ridiculously small scores. His bad attitude and little friendship skills make him easy to make an enemy out of. If angered, he surprisingly becomes benevolent and leaves, only to return later when his desire to destroy returns.

Relationships with other characters


Wanting to capture Crymsia for her body and fortune, it's easy to see why they're enemies. He wants to steal her and her belongings, which isn't much appreciated by others, who often beat him up or torment him, especially in the case of Dustai.


Nightshade heavily dislikes Dustai for his thievery and habit of hitting him a lot.  These two have never built any positive chemistry.



  • Nightsahde's name comes from the nightshade berry.
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