Ordinary Mailman is a fiction starring Frink in events that precede General's Journey.  Its events seem to be the first in the series, taking place even before Gangplank Crew.  It will not be a long fiction, and will be more of a short story, being much shorter than Journey and Personality. More will be revealed at some point in 2016, after more of General's Journey is written.


Greetings, and welcome to the town of Naxaz, the city of rising taxes and rich people, the city of low budget products and poor outsiders.  My name is Frink, a mailman at heart and a deliverer of mail obviously. But I'm not all that can be seen...I have a truck of massive help, with built in rocket launchers and boosters to keep me moving at a high speed, and small cannons to launch mail. I am a fairly unique mailman and I gain low wages, but that's all right, as my goal is to deliver mail, rain or shine, day or night, alive or dead. Step forward and read my adventure. Not a long adventure per say but...still, do it.

~ Frink


  • Ordinary Mailman, much like General's Journey, was going to be built as a video game for the Wii U platform, but time constraints cancelled out the project.  What remained became a fiction instead.
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