Ordinary Mailman II: Dark Age is the sequel to Ordinary Mailman and focuses on Frink, Sam and an unexpected ally. While more will be revealed in 2017, its revealed to take place in the second generation, taking place at the same time as General's War.


I never really thought it would get quite this dark in this side of the world.  There's more disasters than ever before!  I am now in the city of Fcuase, which is known very well for its disaster zone area, being on the line of a fault and in a volcanic region, able to get struck by tsnaumis and hurricanes easily.  It's...a  very poorly made city, and the people here need mail and fast, as of course the mailmen who used to go across these grounds died, and now it is my duty to expand my career and deliver more mail than ever.  It would be easy, if it weren't for the fact that Fcuase is part of an official warzone...poor General Scotch, he really has a bad time these days.

~ Frink


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