Oshelia by neon
Concept of Oshelia by Neon.
Current Age 16
Date of Birth 2/16/2000
Gender Female
Species Human/Monochroman
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Water
First Appearance General's Journey
 Oshelia Eau is the secondary protagonist of General's Journey and is Scotch's girlfriend.  She has a calm personality and can use aquatic powers, although to a small extent.  Her role in the entire series is incredible, appearing in her own adventure and having small roles in fictions like Ordinary Mailman and Gangplank Crew, both of which she has minor appearances in.



General's Journey

She appears in this fan fiction in the earlier chapters. She is calm and compassionate, and has a personality that bounces in a different way than Scotch's; in fact, hers is so different from Scotch's that the general's heart melts upon hearing her happy voice and persona.  She serves more as a defensive character for the team, preferring not to fight.

Non Canon

General's March

Oshelia appears as a playable speed type, being a mix of ground and air fighting.  She has high health, although a low attack power.  To unlock her, you need to rescue Oshelia from her imprisonment, as she is held captive by General Snickers.

Lavender Scuffle

Oshelia appears as one of this game's various characters.


See here for more information.

Physical Description

Oshelia is shorter than everyone else in the group.  She often wears a dress, cap, and a very valuable scarf. She can completely make herself water when she turns into a mermaid. She's also part Monochroman, so she can change her colors through emotions.


Oshelia can create water using her finger and uses it like pulses. She can also blast water from her hands. The water she creates is purified, clean water.  The water she creates can be of different temperatures, which usually result from the mood she's in.  For example, if she is angered, her water becomes scalding hot and can inflect burns that rival in intensity with that of General Snickers'.


Oshelia is best described as a caring, thoughtful person, rarely showing signs of malevolence and anger, being a happier person all out. Described at first as one with a personality that is a reversal of General Scotch's, she has over time shown signs of maturity and has managed to quite fit in with the gang, although rarely shows enough bravery to fight, preferring not to.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Scotch

General Scotch is Oshelia's boyfriend.  Together, they have many journies, ever since Chapter Five in General's Journey.  The two are considerably kind to one another.


Oshelia and Needles get along like best friends, and it's assumed that there isn't much of anyone else to take that position.  They get along well not just because of their shared clean manners, but also because of their interests.


They don't really get along very well but they're not enemies or anything, although they're quite annoyed by each other's behavior and think that the other's manners and intentions don't look cool or anything.


They tend to get along fairly well.  While Oshelia can get a bit nervous from Frink's hyperactive ways it's totally fine between the two of them.

Commander Alien

The two don't converse well at all, and he is one of the few characters that Oshelia truly dislikes, the other being General Snickers. His constant kidnapping of her and eventually someone else make him really dislikable.



  • Her name was originally Oshian, but the creator changed it because he though Oshelia sounded a lot better.
  • Oshelia can become monochrome colors but only uses it when she feel comfortable around people, mostly Scotch. This monochrome trait has been passed down by her grandfather, Frink.
  • Oshelia is the only one of the gang of seven that is not officially part of Admiral Twix's army.
  • Oshelia's favorite candy flavor is caramel.  By coincidence, caramel also happens to be the last name of her boyfriend, Scotch.  Whether or not this is intentional has yet to be known by mankind.
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