Oshelia's Shoreline is a location of General's Journey, being the home of Oshelia, hidden behind the Mutated Jungle. It is a major plot area, having various events happen in it early on in General's Journey, being later prominent in General's War as well.


General's Journey

Oshelia's Shoreline is one of the most major locations, being the housing place of Oshelia and a place where Scotch often visits.  It is located via a secret exit in the Mutated Jungle or via the Perilous Shoreline.  The area is the only area near the General's Base that Admiral Twix has no control over.  A shack and a beautiful beach happens to be at this shoreline.  The waters here are very clean and not polluted at all, reflecting the cleanliness and purity of Oshelia herself.

General's War



  • This is the only piece of land that the General's Journey crew is in full control over, specifically Oshelia.