General's March
Peaceful City

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Peaceful City, known in General's Journey as Chaotic City after it fell to the bombing Snickers set up, is one of the most well known locations of the storyline, and is the natural birthplace of the three generals. Before its burning, it was one of the more populated areas of Zonar, with a population of 300,000 and a rough increase of 5% of residents per year.

Now, it is a burning city, kept blazing alive by various fire spreads and explosions, set up by the aliens of Commander Alien's army whom have deemed the place their own home.  Snickers has set up various camps around the city for those aliens, as well as his own projects, although time to time again Scotch and friends bring down those camps.

Since its burning, it has been owned by Admiral Twix.


General's Journey

Whilst it surprisingly doesn't appear too often after the beginning chapters, it still holds itself as a major location, and a lot of the key events of the story relate to this city.  It is the birthplace of the three generals; Scotch, Syande, and Snickers, as well as their currently deceased parents.  It has been used multiple times by the opposing alien forces as a hideout.

General's March

Titled Chaotic City in this spin off title, it is the first stage, both being the easiest and the most free of obstacles.  It is not a very brutal stage despite being a burning city, but this is likely because of it being the very first set of obstacles that the player has to cross.  The boss is a minor alien general.


  • The inspiration of the burning atmosphere of Chaotic City has said to come from Crisis City, a stage from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
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