Official art by Neon
Current Age 2
Date of Birth June 2nd
Gender Male
Species Guinea pig
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Gangplank Crew
 Pecan is a guinea pig, and is one of two seen in Gangplank Crew, the other being Elvis. He is an orange guinea pig wrapped around itself mentally, thinking mainly about himself and the process and eating of food. He belongs to Odell, and appears to be quite wide.


Gangplank Crew

Pecan is a very minor character in Gangplank Crew, being showcased as Odell's pet. He hardly helps out and is quite lazy, often seen snoozing or eating something, often carrots. When he helps, it's usually because Odell or Elvis are in danger.


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Pecan can roll into a ball like Elvis and bite pretty hard, but that's about all Pecan has going for him. He's too fat to do much else, he can't even run that fast.


Pecan is quite lazy and sits around a lot, but he is mentally active and loves speaking in his language a lot, making him a chatterbox. He's rarely angered, but taking away his food results in a maddening attack.

Relationship with Other Characters


Pecan is not really a fan of Elvis' shyness and usually thinks of himself as bold, but will always save Elvis if he is in trouble. They get along like a charm for the most part.


Pecan loves his owner and stays close to him in all situations, rubbing his face against the palm of his hand. He's the only person that Pecan will not be mad at for taking away his supper.



  • Elvis and Pecan originally were going to be in a game acknowledged as Cage Warriors, but the game was cancelled, and like with the case of General's Journey and Ordinary Mailman, it was turned into a fiction, merging with Gangplank Crew.
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