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General's March
Perilous Shoreline

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Perilous Shoreline is a location of General's Journey, being rarely seen, forming a shortcut from Scotch's home to Oshelia's Shoreline. Piranhas lurk the waters and attempt to bite intruders and force them out.


General's Journey

Rarely seen, it is used once by Scotch who attempted to use it to get to Oshelia faster.  The area was filled with many, many piranhas that attempted to stop Scotch, but he used them as a bridge to get all the way across it.

General's March

Following Maha Desert, it is the third stage, and has very little difficulty, featuring some piranhas and waves that attempt pushing the player back. It autoscrolls.


  • Perilous Shoreline is the only home for piranhas in the eternity of Zonar.
General's March Stages
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Chaotic City · Maha Desert · Perilous Shoreline · Mutated Jungle

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