This world is falling apart, and falling apart quickly, due to the failure of humanity and the refusal for these ridiculous beings to realize that they are destroying not just our galaxy, but also themselves. But alas, I can do naught but they rise the God of Zaxina from his very grave...
Pierce Hazel, Split Personality (Final Chapter)

Pierce by neon
By Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 18
Date of Birth July 24, 1996
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Unknown
Element(s) N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height 6'03"
Weight 148 lbs
First Appearance Split Personality

Pierce Hazel, often refered to as just Pierce, is the main protagonist of Split Personality.  Pierce is a negative approached character, showing little positivity and often thinking for the worse.  His cracked mind, damaged by both birth defects and constant hits to his weak skull, has caused his personalities to control him differently, and in more ways than one.  These spirits are known as the Spirit Duo.



General's Journey

Pierce is part of this story's background, serving an important role in Syande's perspectives.  He never appears outside of those perspectives, however, but is sometimes mentioned on occasion.

Split Personality

Pierce serves as the main protagonist of this fiction, and is the centered character, with his personalities set loose, his objective being to collect them and take them back to restore order to his mind, and in the meanwhile save Hisplit.

Non Canon

General's March

Pierce appears as a secret character, being unlocked by beating Commander Alien with every character.  Upon fighting Commander Alien one more time after everyone else has beaten him, Pierce will step in and take on the battle.  If you succeed, you'll be able to play as Pierce.  If not, then you will continue the boss with the character you were before.

As a playable character, he attacks with air attacks and prefers ranged combat.  His defense and speed are pretty good, although his attack power is quite low.

Lavender Scuffle

Pierce appears as one of this game's various characters.


He is a tall teenager, at 6'03", and has a lanky appearance, being able to fit into small spaces.  Not only this but he is also flexible, able to bend his body to unusual proportions, due to an unknown disability that his bold holds.  His eyes are a dark green color, and has brown curly hair, able to flow behind Pierce's head on a windy day.  Often, Pierce is seen wearing a purple cloak, black hood and black jumpsuit, hiding himself in dark colors to be unrecognizable to others.


While possessing very little actual abilities, Pierce can enter a form (triggered by currently unknown causes) that tears off some of his body, and overwrites his memory with a different one, one so insane that it cannot be spoken to.  Pierce is very dangerous whilst like this and can only be stopped when a random time is hit or if he's struck in the chest hard enough to be pierced through the heart.


Pierce often thinks for the negative, never thinking many positive hopes or dreams as his life is absorbed by a shadow that never disappears, giving him distorted thoughts.  While at least polite in general, he is not safe to be around and can be controlled by his inner dwellings any second, and can even kill or at the least harm when angered.

Relationships with other characters



Pierce and FDX seem to get along very well, and he seems to treat her with the most respect, even when she teases him for being "edgy". Sometimes when she makes him uncomfortable he steps back and glances away.


Pierce seems to like Clair's company, and sometimes acts a bit more than friendly to her, which results in awkward walkaways.  As a pair, they battle surprisingly well together, psychic with mental.


Pierce seems to not really mind Werine's existence although she tends to get in the way way more often than she really should according to him.



Pierce doesn't mind the form of Fandraxono that lives with him, although he despises the one that's split from his mind and tossed around confusion and anger.



  • Pierce's name came from a previous name of snicks.
  • In the original build of Split Personality, Pierce was actually known as Crimson, although this was switched to avoid confusion with a character that had the same name, although in a different universe.
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