???: Our parents are in trouble?!

Mysti: Not now, but in the past. You two did a good deed on exposing the fake psychic and he lost his popularity.

???: It felt so good, grandma.

Mysti: I imagine it was. However, he was so torn apart by hatred that he went mentally insane. He was lucky enough to have the tome witht the name, “Turpitude” in his tome collection.

???: The Turpitude? I thought that was just a myth.

Mysti: Now that I’ve seen it, it is most likely the myth is busted.The thing is he can apparently time travel thanks to that book.

???: I thought time travel was in all the tomes.

Mysti: Certain tomes, darling. They’re just rare to find. But I don’t need a tome to time travel when I have this.

Mysti gives ??? a digital watch.

???: A watch?

Mysti: A special watch; it allows you to travel into the past and the future. I only used it once.

???: For what?

Mysti: To tell my past self to punch your grandpa out cold before I left him.


???: ...That’s a story for another time. But why give us this watch?

Mystyi: Because I have great confidence that you can stop “The Psycho” from murdering your parents.

???: M-m-Murder?!

???: Why would he want to murder them?

Mysti: You.

??? and ???: Us?

Mysti: You’re the reason why he’s doing this. If your parents are killed in the past, then you would be stuck in that orphanage for a long time.

???: I don’t want to go back. For once, I felt like I could look up to somebody after being adopted. I would be so sad and miserable if I stayed there much longer.

???: Then we have no choice but to save them.

Mysti: Before you do, don’t say a word about you being their kids. I want them to figure it out themselves at least.

???: We can wear these masks that I made.

???: Why? We look nothing like our parents.

???: ...Fair, but I still want to wear the mask.

???: Can’t stop you from doing that.

??? wears her mask.

???: I feel so mysterious!

Mysti: You might have your cousins involved in this… and perhaps a few new friends along the way. So have a safe journey. I’m counting on you two and the others.

???: By the way grandma, do you have plenty more of those time travelling thingies.

Mysti: Just enough... I'm calling the others. Since you're still here, take this picture of your mother when she was younger. You'll know exactly what she looks like at that time.

??? takes the image of her mother when she was younger.

???: Thank you, this will definitely come in handy...

Temple and Parrie

Clair: Thanks for the help you two… those guys must crave killing.

Temple: Well we have to help because of two things: One, it’s a murder spree and we couldn’t just sit here.

Parrie: Two, we owe you big time.

Clair: Owe me? I never even met you.

Temple: We’ll explain soon. Right now let’s head for safety.

The three head back to Clair’s place. They’re all sitting at a table eating ice cream, Parrie suffering from brain freeze.

Temple: I told ya not to eat ice cream too fast.

Parrie: It’s good though…

Clair: You remind me of one of my cousins, I hope she’s doing alright.

Parrie: Aunt Crystal? Yeah we definitely have our fair share of ice creams.

Clair: Aunt?

Temple: We’ll explain this eventually.

Clair notices Temple’s hearing aids.

Clair: Woah… you’re deaf?

Temple: Yep, just like you!

Clair hesitantly messes with her hearing aids.

Clair: Wow… I never thought I’d meet someone with relatable issues.

Temple: Yeah I was born deaf… it wasn’t fun.

Parrie: I had to help him around the orphanage. We were able to grab the cheapest hearing aids we could find.

Temple: It works, but poor quality.

Clair: I can totally relate on being born deaf for sure. But those things look rather new and cooler too. Probably something I’d get.

Temple: I feel like you would.

Parrie: Well anyway, do you have a boyfriend?

Clair: Umm I rather not answer… privacy stuff.

From seemingly out of nowhere, two brown shoes fell in through the ceiling, followed by the body of a slender white male, his eyes glowing eerily as he set his feet down in the room. He blinked once, then twice before looking around.

Pierce: Good, I didn’t land in an unflushed toilet this time.

Clair: ...That’s good at least, Pierce.

Temple and Parrie: Pierce?

Pierce: Hello. ...Wait, I’ve never seen adolescents like yourselves before… do tell me what your names are.

Temple: My name is Temple. This girl who is currently trying to put her mask together with glue is my younger sister, Parrie.

Parrie waves her glued up hands at Pierce.

Pierce: Huh. Where did you two come from…?

Parrie: Annnd that’s where our explanation comes in. And trust me that you’ll be in for a surprise.

Clair: Huh, try me then. I love surprises.

Temple: Alright then, I mentioned that we came from an orphanage. What we didn’t say was that we actually came from the future.

Clair: The future huh? How did you manage that?

Temple: With this little watch here.

Temple takes out the watch and gives it to Clair.

Clair: Wait hold on… I’ve seen this watch before… My mom has this.

Parrie: She was the one who gave it to use.

Clair: ...In the future?

Parrie: Yep! You can ask her yourself. After all, she’s still a great psychic for years to come.

Temple: We were adopted by a nice couple that provided me these new hearing aids. I really appreciate the things they’ve done for us.

Parrie: So... Thanks mom and dad!

Pierce: Aww. Heh heh… interesting backstory you two have… you two aren’t the only children I’ve heard of coming from the future…

Clair: Wait what? They’re actually from the future?!

Clair thinks momentarily and it finally clicked.

Clair: We’re your parents?! Pierce, aren’t you shocked at this?

Pierce: ...I am, admittedly… I mean, I don’t have… you know… so that means… ...I wonder who I got with… to give birth…

Pierce scratched his head.

Clair: Dude, just think about what they just said. “Adopted”, “Nice couple”, “Thanks mom and dad!”

Pierce: I know, ha ha…

Pierce looked at Clair in the eyes before giving her a tight hug.

Pierce: Might as well set an example for our children.

Clair: ...Children. ...Kids ...Future.

Temple: She’s still trying to process all of this.

Pierce: I understand. I’m trying to… Scotch and Syande, two generals from Zonar, have reported that they’ve also had children come. And some irregular energies from within the Zaxinian Lifts have to come from a Silver Heartgold-like child.

Parrie: We pretty much brought them here. Because y’know… evil guy wants to kill every living being. Also if you’re gone, we’ll never exist.

Temple: Generally the reason we’re here, to keep you and everyone else alive.

Clair: I’ll just… ask my mom about this… ...Right now everyone’s in danger and uhh we need to uhhh prevent lives from being lost.

Pierce: Yeah…

Clair: I might as well see mom now… You just… enjoy yourself.

Temple: We will.

Parrie: Thanks for hearing us out and believing us.


Oshelia: Scotch, I can’t block them off any longer!

Scotch: Keep trying! If they get in, we’re done for, so put all the strength ahead of your body and focus on stopping them from bursting in!

Oshelia: Where is Brook or Mega… or your siblings when we need them?

Scotch: They’re all off with their own problems! T...They’ll hopefully be back soon! Just hold onto hope!

Scotch grunted as he held all of his body weight against the door. Ultimately, their arms were starting to reach in due to his strength slowly and eerily fading away.

Scotch: Damn it!

Oshelia: I think I’ve reached my limit… can’t hold… on…

Scotch: My limit’s about… there… just keep holding on…

Oshelia: ...If only we were sent help somehow, this would be easier…

Scotch: Doesn’t seem likely, does it?

Scotch angrily grunts as they’re almost in, putting all his bulk against the door as he makes an effort to push his side into the door.

Scotch: N-noo! They’re almost in!

Oshelia: I guess this is it… we won’t make it…

Scotch: Don’t talk like tha-

Without warning, a white light burst into the room, filling it up entirely as the windows flashed with the sound of thunder. A figure in similar appearance to Scotch and Oshelia entered from a blinding light, holding out a book.

Scotch: Excuse me?

???: Perish.

The figure cast a spell, dark waves coming out from the tome as all the door struggle ended. Scotch and Oshelia found that they were very soon the only ones budging on the door.

Oshelia: Huh? It all stopped.

???: It was a complex spell, but they’ve all fallen. If you opened the door, “mother”, you’ll see that they have all fallen like the U.S.S.R.

Oshelia: ...Mother? I don’t have any children…

???: Yet. Now, look outside.

Scotch: Are you not going to explain who you are-

???: Look outside.

Oshelia: Fine we’ll look.

When they looked outside, they found that every murderer’s body had simply vanished, with only their shadows left behind. No trace of them existed; no skeleton, no blood, just completely gone with the exception of their last shadows.

Scotch: ...They’re all gone.

Oshelia: ...Just vanished.

???: Exceeds expectations. I’ll explain myself a little now. I’m Charmine, I come from the future -- a devastated one where my father here put me under his brother’s name to learn all the dark magic I possibly could. I am the daughter to you both.

Oshelia: Our… daughter?

Scotch: What??

Charmine: Yes, you both engaged in intercourse at some point.

Scotch: ...Oh. Uhh, hey Charmine. ...My mind feels real wonky just thinking about all of what just happened.

Oshelia: I need proof that you’re our own daughter…

Charmine dissolved into water, racing a few laps around Oshelia before re-materializing, throwing a few watery bombs into the air and letting them cause harmless explosions.

Charmine: Proof enough?

Oshelia: Okay fair… but answer this question. I’ve planned to work in the future so it should be possible that I'm working in your time. So… what’s my occupation?

Charmine: As far as I’m concerned, you always wanted to work at a sort of massive aquarium, but harsh conditions have forced you to take on being the healing mage of the general’s group of the future. I am the leader from the future, and all hope was lost. I lost that reality’s Oshelia there.

Oshelia: W-what do you mean?

Charmine: ...It's nothing. But you worked at an aquarium at least.

Oshelia: … ...Well ...If I were able to keep the job… I would’ve taken my child there everyday to look at all the animals in the water…

Charmine: I remember… that you did take me there a few times as a child…

Charmine smiled underneath her hood, folding her arms a little in her relaxation.

Charmine: Those times were left behind, but I did have good memories… wait… as for proof, I should have just shown…

Charmine pulled out some photos of her an aquarium, with Oshelia clearly managing the manager’s seat and Scotch with his arm on her shoulder, a gleeful little Charmine playing with a turtle.

Scotch: ...Proof enough to me.

Oshelia: ...T-that’s me… a-and you… I guess I did do what I wanted in the future…

Charmine: You two lived just fine with me… I did get in trouble sometimes because I was a reckless user of my own abilities… I promise that you two made out to be amazing parents, even if I wasn’t always appreciative of what was done.

Oshelia: Heh… I guess we made you that beautiful because you are a pretty woman, I can’t lie.

Charmine showed off her grin.

Scotch: I must admit that… I didn’t think I’d be having any children with Oshelia. Even just one. The idea of them being well raised seemed even less possible… but I’m sort of proud of myself right now. Even if I had never witnessed such a thing. ...Do my siblings have children?

Charmine: Syande does, but Snickers has never quite found the hoe he’s been looking for. Whatever that means.

Oshelia: You’ll understand once you’re older… or maybe Snickers will just flat-out tell you.

Scotch: Hehe.

Charmine smiled yet again.


Brook: Uhhhh what kind of fruit did Scotch want us to find?

Syande: Errmm...I dink he vos lookin’ fer sum frickin’ oranges. Somethin’ ter do vith his vitamin C issues or wotevah.

Brook: I don’t see any… but there’s tangerines?

Syande: Ve can take ‘em, he’ll neva tell da difference between ‘ems. I mean, it’s just a different citrus fruit.

Brook: True.

Brook takes a couple of tangerines and puts them in a basket.

Syande: Hell yea, fake oranges. Me faverite.

Brook: You and me both! Haha! Anything else before we go?

Syande: Hmmm… I dink ve still need ter find da tomater juice… fer reasons of me own, really…

Brook: It’s… right beside you. You can grab it.

Syande swings her head around to see that Brook is in fact correct.

Syande: Sheet, yer right again. Frick yer bountiful eyes.

Syande snatches the tomato juice.

Syande: Dink ve can get outta ‘ere vithout payin’?

Brook: Are you crazy-- Actually yes you are. But don’t you think we’ll get caught?

Syande: Not if I threw me vest up. Dink dat’ll knock ‘em out. Unless dey’re not all dat straight… vich vould be unfortunate… but eh, verth me life.

Brook: I swear you have the weirdest ideas…

Syande: I’d argue Scetch is crazier.

Brook sighs.

Brook: Fair… go ahead. I’ll just stand by the front door or something pretending be interested in the lip balms.

Syande: Here goes.

As Syande goes off to do her thing, the lights flicker off and some screams can be heard from outside. Syande quickly returns to Brook, shrugging.

Syande: Dere’s a sheet-ton of racket goin’ on outside.

Brook looks out the window, seeing several creatures of their height trying to pass through the doors.

Brook: Well crap, we got company. They’re probably pissed that we aren’t even home.

Syande: Dey have good ears, dey do. It’s time ter brawl, Brook get yer clean-ass abs out dere and give ‘em a taste of yer muscle. ...Not dat muscle, save dat fer later.

Brook: … ...Please no.

Syande: Get out dere.

Syande walks with Brook towards the front doors, moving him along steadily.

Brook: Also no I am not showing my abs.

Syande: Damn, yer no fun. Regardless let’s kick… eh… vait… me presence feels… somevot veaker fer sum reason…

Brook: What do you mean?

The monsters break in.

Brook: Yeah let’s just stop them for now.

Syande: ‘e-ere goes den!

Using what she had of her energy, Syande hopped on the first monster and slashed at their chest with a blade, instantly killing it. However, she soon found herself held by the monsters, with all her limbs locked in tight grips.

Syande: Vot da f-frick…?

Brook: I got ya!

Brook manages to knock out the monsters holding Syande down.

Brook: Let’s get out of here! These guys are pretty determined to kill us.

Brook grab Syande’s hand and rushes off around the store, but no exits were available.

Brook: Ugh, we can’t escape… we’ll just have to either hide or fight them.

Syande: Sheett… ummm… crap…

Brook: I’m not giving up just yet.

Brook attempts to jump on one of them, putting it in a headlock.

Syande: Hell yea Brook! Keep ‘em punches comin’!

Brook squeezes its neck until it passes out.

Syande: Great! How many more are dere?

Brook looks outside, seeing plenty of monsters staring at them.

Brook: I’d say a lot. I can hold them off, but I’ll wear out eventually. Syande: Uhh, darn… mebbe…

A figure with dark long hair bites some of the monsters at quick speeds. The monster are currently intoxicated.

Syande: Mercy me, vot vos dat? A vampire?

The figures stands in front of them.

???: I’ve intoxicated de monstahs for a short time. Now’s yer chance te rid of dem.

Syande: Danks, old man! Now ya monstahs, say yer goodbyes!

With a few swift strikes, Syande murdered lines of monsters with slashes of her butcher knife, sending many of the beasts to their deaths.

Brook: Get em’ Syande!

With a final bite, Syande thrusted her teeth into the last monster, draining them entirely of energy.

Brook: Woo, way to go! That was good stuff right there!

???: Heheh… dat’s Syande for ye.

Syande: ...Ehh…? Ye know me?

???: Of course, I would know Brook as well.

Brook: Huh? How do you know us?

???: Well… I believe you should be expecting a call from Scotch at any moment now.

As if the planets have all lined up, Brook felt his phone ring in his pocket.

Syande: Holy sheet.

Brook: Are you psychic or something?

???: No, I just knew he would after meeting with him.

Brook answers the phone.

Brook: Yeah Scotch.

Scotch: Hi there! So apparently we received our child from the distant future and we were wondering if you happened to have a kid named “Alex” with you, because they’re cousins and you two are supposed to be the parents of this… “Alex” person. Did you two finish shopping, by the way…?

Brook: ...Yeah, hang on one moment.

Brook hangs up the phone immediately.

Brook: Did you hear that Syande, since it was on speaker mode?

Syande: Ye, I got dat. Vho da mighty frick is dis “Alex” kid?

???: Well duh mom, I’m right here! You birthed me and gave me the name, “Alex”. After all, don’t I look like dad here but with your hair?

Syande: Sheet, ‘ello Alex. Ye shouldn’t see yer mother ven her tit is nearly hangin’ outta dere. ...Ehh, guess ye had little room ter make a decision dere.

Syande cackled in her characteristic light, weeping-like laughter.

Alex: Yeah very funny, mother. Your personality hasn’t changed a bit.

Syande: Damn, I thought dat sheet vould impress me future children, not depress ‘em into countless teenage angst. Eh vell. Velcome ter yer veird-ass fam.

Brook: So, if you’re our child then that means uhhh…

Syande: Yes, Brook. I vos pregnant vith yer child.

Brook: Yeeah I never thought we’d do “that”. Even though we dated before.

Syande: Nonsense, ye didn’t mention dat time vere ve… ...ehh forget it, ve have a kid in ‘ere. Ve should return home.

Alex: Yes, ye should… eyy we get free stuff at least!

Syande: Hell yea. Let’s get back Brooky and… Alex kid.

Alex: After I get me sum tomater juice because well… vampire reasons.

Brook: I never thought my future kid would be a vampire. I dig it.

Syande: Like ye dig me ass, ri- oh yeah, kid. Damn it Alex, yer quickly gonna be da reason vhy I can’t even joke anymore.

Alex: Would you be happy if I told you that you were able to do them again after I turned 13?

Syande: And how old are ye?

Alex: 15… I pretty much know the usuals so knock yourself out.

Syande: Me noggin can rest at peace den. Votever… let’s get outta ‘ere.

Brook: I’m already out with all these fake oranges!

Syande: HELL!

Asimi and Dusty

Dustai was snoring against a tree as Silver peered over the horizon for signs of monsters. Crymsia was spreading out a picnic cloth and food as Penny stood nearby them, surrounded by and protected by their bodies.

Silver: I can feel… a strange presence atop all the monstrosities coming our direction. I can taste the unusual air… it tastes rather sour…

Penny: Why do you even… Never mind.

Silver: ...Oh, yes I suppose we did bring food with us, but… I mean that I’m catching the scent of something God-like, something so strong… that’s not a good smell. Crymsia: Relax, honey.

Crymsia kissed Silver’s cheek.

Crymsia: You can’t just be spending every second of your life just thinking about abnormalities and causes that aren’t going to happen.

Dustai: You haven’t ever been actually worthy of thinking of death unless your privileges to the cookie jar have been stripped away. That’s worse than anything.

Penny: Boy, I can care less about the cookie jar right now. Right now I’m wondering where the heck these monster came from.

Dustai: T-the toilet…

Silver: Ha, ha. Potty humor. I couldn’t expect any less from the human race. It’s no wonder why many scientists think we’re all going to die pretty soon. Anyway…

Crymsia: The monsters I think came from a wormhole left out somewhere out of our reach. I mean, they can’t all just spawn out of nowhere.

Penny: I feel we may get an answer soon, but I think we’ll be fine as long as they don’t find us out here.

Crymsia: I just hope that they like biscuits.

Crymsia lays out a bunch of biscuits, which Silver picks up telekinetically and spreads all over the forest messily.

Crymsia: Don’t go out and eat any of these biscuits, as they’ve been filled up to the brim with poison. These are intended to kill some of the monsters that come our way.

Silver: Just make sure Dustai gets nowhere near them. ...Why in the hell do we even have Dustai here? Wouldn’t it be better if we just left him behind?

Penny: Well for one, he’s our friend. And two, he’s my boyfriend… ...that sounded a lot better in my head. ...I’d rather not lose him is all.

Dustai felt his cheeks go red as he runs to try and hug Penny, only to collide into a tree and fall over. This caused a disturbance in the distance.

Silver: You fool!... well, I guess it doesn’t matter because you can’t see… honestly, I think Dustai accidentally brought us trouble. I can hear growling… although just a single growl rather than many like Pierce and Syande have reported to me.

Penny: It could be one of the many stomachs in this group.

Crymsia: No, I heard some growling… it was in the distance, and we’re all bundled up in this spot.

Crymsia picked up Dustai’s limp body, putting him in Penny’s arms.

Crymsia: In case he doesn’t wake up, hold onto him in case there is a monster coming our direction. I’d hold him but Silver and I are the two combatants who have the best chance of killing something. ...Not to rain on your parade though! You’re smarter than I!

Penny: Nah, you hit the nail right in the head. We’ll take cover somewhere if so.

Silver: Good. ...Did you bring any food, Crymsia? I admit that I’m kind of dying for something to satisfy my pie-hole.

Crymsia: Well, no, but you coul-

Silver: Absolutely not.

Dustai snored peacefully in Penny’s arms.

Penny: He’s sounds so cute when he’s aslee-- I said that out loud.

Crymsia: Aww… you two should date~

Silver: In the middle of this? No, cut that crap out. Did you two dingledorks forget that we’re out in the wilderness?

Penny: Of course I didn’t forget. I’m on par with you at the moment. Silver: Alright.

The sound of growling got louder as trees started to fall hundreds of feet ahead of them. Silver did a jump backwards and growled a little.

Silver: Yep, we’ve been spotted. Girls, let’s turn around and head for the nearest shelter. Now, unless you want to die.

Penny: Already on it. Lets get moving.

Penny carries Dustai on her back as she tries to attempt to run off. Crymsia and Silver quickly follow her, with Dustai snoring his life away.

Crymsia: Where to?

Penny: Keep going straight, there should be some kind of cabin nearby if I remember correctly. I would say the treehouse, but… it’s gonna be hard to carry Dustai up there.

Silver: A cabin… a cabin… yeah, keep going straight. I can sort of “feel” it being around here. Penny: I see it!

???: Good that you do.

Silver: Run!

Crymsia, Silver and Penny all managed to fling themselves into the cabin, with Silver using his magic to lock the cabin tight. Penny carefully sits Dustai on the ground.

???: I can’t get in without being properly introduced, so why not just look through the damn window?

Penny: You check, Silver.

Silver: Hmph.

Silver peered out the window, where he found a giant monster -- but chained to a leash held by someone who wore a robe identical to his own. What he was staring at is a woman that bore many of his physical structure but stood her own personality with her hood off and long black hair spreading down her sides. Silver: Excuse me?

???: Hah. I knew it. Come on, Dusty.

Without warning, the woman came off the beast, with a young man bearing some of Dustai’s appearance stabbing the beast as he came off of it, effectively killing it. The two quickly entered their home and sat with the other adults.

Crymsia: ...I demand an explanation for a sexualized Silver Zin, but with boobs.

Penny: ...And also explain why I see a smaller Dustai.

???: You mean that with all the appearances of future children all over the Lifts that neither of you four have heard of them? Not even my father?

Silver: Well, no. That’s bullcrap.

Penny: Future children…? So… that means that Crymsia… you were pregnant with her and ...I reproduced him?

Dusty: You are correct, mother. As always!

Crymsia: I… I can’t believe Silver actually did it?? He did at some point?

Crymsia shot evil, seductive glances at Silver. Silver tried really hard to not hiss at her as he directed his attention towards Dusty and his daughter.

Silver: Name yourself, daughter. Name what I would have named any child I would have had.

???: Asimi. My name is Asimi, father.

Silver: Damn it. Well, at least my child looks rather… healthy. What the hell are you doing here though, and this… not-blind Dusty kid? Wait a minute, Dustai had sex with Penny?

Penny: I've been having that same question running in my head for seconds now, believe me.

Asimi giggled.

Asimi: Penny was always the awkward parent. In the future though, Dustai had learned how to conquer an entire kingdom with just his scent capabilities. He’s a lot stronger than your feeble mind makes him out to be.

Silver outright cringed at himself being called “feeble” in the mind category, but chose to not argue with his daughter.

Penny: HA! You got told by your future daughter.

Silver: S-shut up, that stung!

Crymsia: Alright, enough. So, children… what brings you two here?

Asimi: Well… uhh, I’m not really sure and I’m not sure if Dusty knows either. However, I assure that us two being here means for the better.

Dusty: I have no idea…

Penny: You sound just like your ...father.

Dusty: Well I’m smarter than him. I usually read a dictionary to know all my vocabulary. I mean it was a monotonous reading, but I learned at least.

Penny: ...I’m already convinced.

Silver: I mean, anyone’s smarter than Dustai. That’s no real big accomplishment, even for what we’d consider the least competent individual in a group.

Crymsia: No need to be so ruuuude, guys. How about we all do this… until we figure out what’s going on, let’s stick together.

Crymsia held out her hand.

Crymsia: Sounds good?

Asimi: Okay!

Dusty: Agreed!

Silver: Suppose.

Penny: Alright!

Everyone but Dustai sticks their hand atop Crymsia’s, with Asimi gently putting her hand around Dusty’s. Dustai laid down near them, sucking his thumb.