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General's March
Pumpkin Village

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Pumpkin Village is a location of General's Journey, being a rarely seen place that serves as a resources area in Zonar.  It is said to be the origin home of General Syande's father, as his treasure is buried around the village somewhere for Syande to inherit.


General's Journey

Pumpkin Village is mostly unexplored, only being explored by General Syande at some point in the story.  The other characters only have access to the area's shop and the city hall within.

General's March

Pumpkin Village is the fifth stage, being filled with pumpkins and weapon shops to go across. Ghosts and tombstones liter the ground, and minecarts are everywhere to be seen for the player to ride. Gas traps lie everywhere in the stage.


  • The layout and theme of the level is somewhat similar to the structure of Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2.
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