Gender Female
Species Human
Height 8'08"
Weight 1.8 lbs
First Appearance Removed

Remembra is a minor character of General's Journey and is the Goddess of Memory, being one of Zaxina's various deities.  She appeared in her own title; Removed.  Her role in the General's Journey timeline is quite minor, however.



General's Journey

Remembra appears in General's Journey as a minor character, alongside the Forces of Nature.


Remembra is the main protagonist of Removed, and loses her memory in this game, which is ironic due to her being the Goddess of Memory. She must obtain the majority of her memory back before the rest of the planet's inhabitants lose their memories as well.


Remembra is a tall lady with white, silky wings expanding from her back. She wears a light, silvery dress, torn up from her fall to the world. Her red hair flows from the front of her head to the middle of her back, and her ears are pointed and much like an elf's. Her skin is of a chocolate brown, and her eyes burn with the colors of shining gold. A silver necklace with a ying-yang charm hangs from her neck, the charm sitting firmly over her chest.


Remembra is the deity of memory, and as such she is very intelligent and helps organize the memories of others. She can't really attack physically unless assisted or given a weapon to attack with, and is more like a mage, attacking with a wide variety of spells and using a lot of different healing spells. Remembra, as she is a deity, is immortal, except for the events during Removed when this ability was lost during her fall.


Remembra is very silent, and never speaks unless directly told to, and if that person is of a higher authority than she is. She is actually quite friendly and usually in a happy mood too, but it's very hard to tell due to her absolute silence which makes it very difficult to interpret how she feels.

Relationships with other characters



Remembra thinks Fandraxono is an okay God, and is one of the few who keeps him up and running as the God of Zaxina. In return, Fandraxono supplies her with a slew of different abilities due to his absolute trust in her.



  • Remembra's name is based off the word "Remembrance". ...Obviously.
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